25 things to buy at Wegmans — and 15 items you’re better off skipping

Wegmans is consistently ranked as one of the country’s top grocery stores — but some of its deals are better than others.

Most online reviews of Wegmans are nothing but positive. For many, its main flaw is that it’s still just a regional store — headquartered in Rochester, New York, the chain has just 99 stores across the Northeastern US and the East Coast.

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Wegmans’ list of accolades is long, including making the roundup of grocery stores Americans love and respect, having one of the biggest cult followings, and even beating out Amazon and Costco to be the most beloved brand this year. The store was also ranked as one of the best places to work in 2019.

Despite these praises, not everything at Wegmans is worth your money. Some things, like name-brand items and bulk purchases, are best saved for other stores. Meanwhile, Wegmans-brand foods — including the store’s famous chocolate chip cookies — are among the best things to take home from your routine trip to the supermarket.

Keep reading for a look at things to buy — and things to skip — the next time you visit your local Wegmans.


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