2TB WD_Black SSD game drive is on sale for $150 off at Amazon

SAVE $150: The 2TB WD_Black portable game drive is a surefire way to expand your gaming storage, and it’s currently a generous $150 off at Amazon. 

No matter where you do the bulk of your gaming — PC or console — anyone who is really committed to the hobby will almost always encounter the same problem: running out of storage space. The act of having to constantly delete games that you may or may not be finished with to make room for new ones gets old really quickly, and as your backlog grows, the problem only gets worse. 

But, you can completely avoid that situation if you set yourself up for success by picking up some expandable storage — Western Digital is a favorite among gamers for their portable game drives, and their WD_Black line is top-tier. Right now, you can pick up a 2TB WD_Black SSD game drive at Amazon and save $150 off the usual price. 

The first thing you’ll notice about the WD_Black SSD is its size. Basically, it’s two whole terabytes that you can fit into your pocket, making it ideal for taking around with you, wherever your games go. It’s extremely simple to set up, too — it plugs straight into your console or PC via USB, and is ready to be loaded up with your gaming library. The game drive also has a durable exterior to protect against drops, and because it’s an SSD rather than an HDD, you’ll get faster read speeds, meaning your games will load much faster than you’re probably used to.  

You’re going to need one at some point, so you might as well get one at a steep discount — head over to Amazon and grab a 2TB WD_Black SSD game drive for $150 off. 

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