3 Preparation Habits That Can Help You Be More Productive

Want to get more done each day? Here are three ways to be more productive.

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In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Kate Volman discusses some of the tips she has picked up to stay productive and focused. Some of her best tips include:

  1. Preparing your day’s schedule the day before. If you have an organized plan of attack and to-do list for what you hope to accomplish, you will be able to get more done. 
  2. Aim to create before you consume. In order to avoid being overwhelmed by content, pick a part of the day where you are most productive and use it to focus on your own critical thinking and creative output. 
  3. Stop taking so much time planning and attending meetings. To help combat pointless meetings, Volman suggests creating quick and even fun agendas so that everyone can stay focused on their jobs and be more productive as a result of each meeting. 

To hear more about increasing your producitivity from Kate Volman, click play on the video. 

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