8K Samsung TV on sale for Cyber Monday: Save $3,000

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In this rare Cyber Monday deal, this 65-inch 8K Samsung TV is $500 cheaper than LG's cheapest 8K TV.
In this rare Cyber Monday deal, this 65-inch 8K Samsung TV is $500 cheaper than LG’s cheapest 8K TV.

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TL;DR: Samsung’s incredible 65-inch 8K QLED TV is on Cyber Monday sale for $3,997.99 — a $3,000 savings and almost 50% off.

8K seems like the Tesla Cybertruck of the TV world. Someone apparently has the disposable income to get one, but that person ain’t you.

Maybe that was the case when 8K TVs first debuted at CES in 2016, but three years later, the average consumer is finally getting a shot. Switching to 8K is even cheaper on Cyber Monday: The 65-inch model of Samsung’s 8K QLED Q900 Series TV is on sale for $3,997, which is a massive $3,000 savings. If you want to secure your home as the watch party spot for your gang, this is your chance. (For comparison, the cheapest LG 8K TV is on sale for $4,499.99. The most expensive is… $20,000. LOL.)

The difference between 4K and 8K can be hard to conceptualize. Like okay, the resolution is 16 times that of full HD ( (7,680 x 4,320 vs. 4K’s 3,840 x 2,160). Cool. What does that mean for people who, you know, aren’t videographers or engineers?

Samsung's 8K TV uses artificial intelligence to adjust to the room's brightness.

Samsung’s 8K TV uses artificial intelligence to adjust to the room’s brightness.

Like the Game of Thrones cinematographer said after everyone complained that the show was too dark, your 4K TV may not be tuned properly to highlight faces and shadows correctly — and episodes shot in 8K just can’t be seen as they’re meant to be seen on a less-than-8K TV. (It also doesn’t help if you’re watching a dimly-lit show in a brightly-lit room, but we digress.) With 8K, there are concentrated zones of precision-controlled LEDs to display those deep blacks and pure whites as they would be seen IRL after your eyes adjust to the darkness. 

But fancy resolutions don’t matter without HDR, and Samsung’s Quantum HDR 32x could be the difference that pushes skeptics over the edge. This brings out robust color palettes and a dazzling contrast range to keep picture as accurate as you’d see in person.

Regularly $6,997.99, you can save $3,000 (almost half off!) and get your own 8K TV for $3,997.99 with free shipping. The first available ship date is Dec. 6 and you can schedule your delivery date at checkout (because you’ll need to be home to sign for this bad boy).


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