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Boris Johnson may tell people to stay home as coronavirus cases surge

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson may ask millions of people in England to stay at.

Boris Johnson abandons crowd trial at sporting events including Goodwood races

A crowd trial of 5,000 people at Goodwood races has been abandoned at the last.

John Humprys says he is ‘not a fan’ of Boris Johnson and did not vote for him

Veteran broadcaster John Humphrys has revealed he is “not a fan” of Boris Johnson and.

China accuses UK of starting ‘new Cold War’ over Boris Johnson’s Huawei ban

China has accused Britain and the US of starting a “new Cold War” with Beijing..

Care home chiefs fear Boris making them scapegoats over 20,000 coronavirus deaths

Care home chiefs fear they will be scapegoats for government blunders that led to the.

Labour demands Boris Johnson explain Liz Truss’ full leaked Brexit letter

Leon Neal/Getty Images Boris Johnson’s government must come to Parliament to explain an “extraordinary” leaked.

Ed Davey says Lib Dems must work with Starmer to defeat Boris Johnson

The current favourite to be the next Liberal Democrat leader says his party should work.

Kevin Maguire: Unemployment boom betrays the inner-Thatcher in Boris Johnson – Kevin Maguire

Letting unemployment boom betrays the inner Thatcher in Boris Johnson. Both share a political DNA.

Mark Steel: Boris Johnson’s lockdown rules is all Greek to dad Stanley – and me – Mark Steel

We shouldn’t be harsh on people who have defied the odd lockdown rule as some.

Nicola Sturgeon blasts “shambolic” Boris Johnson over air bridge plans

Scotland First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has blasted “shambolic” Boris Johnson for the way he has.

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