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Nigel Farage Predicts its the ‘Beginning of the End’ for Boris Johnson

It is the “beginning of the end” for Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Brexit leader Nigel.

Boris Johnson to make string of ‘critical announcements’ over Zoom while stuck in his flat

Boris Johnson will be forced to make a string of “critical announcements” while stuck in.

Boris Johnson urged to meet Rashford amid calls for school meals U-turn by Christmas

Boris Johnson is being urged to meet Manchester United star and campaigner Marcus Rashford as.

Boris Johnson urges world leaders to unite against COVID-19.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says the coronavirus pandemic has frayed the bonds between nations,.

Boris Johnson warned of potential Brexit chaos by Tory leader of Kent

The UK is not ready for new Brexit border rules at the end of the.

The Latest: Boris Johnson to urge global unity against virus

UNITED NATIONS — The Latest from the U.N. General Assembly (all times EDT): 6:25 a.m..

Brexit: Trump Northern Ireland envoy warns Boris Johnson over border

Mick Mulvaney became the first figure in the Trump administration to express concern over Boris.

Ex-Attorney General Geoffrey Cox will vote against Boris Johnson’s law-breaking bill

The UK’s former Attorney General plans to vote against the Prime Minister’s law-breaking Brexit bill..

Kevin Maguire: Brexit lies prove Boris Johnson puts the ‘con’ in Conservatives – Kevin Maguire

Laws only for little people in Boris Johnson’s elitist world are a cynical Prime Minister.

Former UK leaders unite to slam Boris Johnson on Brexit plan

The two former British prime ministers who played crucial roles in bringing peace to Northern.

Boris Johnson ‘planning to rip up key parts of the Brexit withdrawal agreement’

Boris Johnson is planning to rip up key parts of the Brexit withdrawal agreement putting.

Keir Mudie: The joke is on us as Boris Johnson proves he’s not up to the job – Keir Mudie

When Boris Johnson first ­became Prime Minister, I spent a lot of time talking to.

Boris Johnson ‘to set targets for police in bid to bring more rape cases to trial’

Downing Street plans to introduce controversial rape prosecution targets for police and the CPS in.

Kevin Maguire: Boris Johnson is an unintentional ally in the Scottish independence cause – Kevin Maguire

On the ropes over a schools exam scandal involving marking down grades more heavily for.

Boris Johnson may tell people to stay home as coronavirus cases surge

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson may ask millions of people in England to stay at.

Boris Johnson abandons crowd trial at sporting events including Goodwood races

A crowd trial of 5,000 people at Goodwood races has been abandoned at the last.

John Humprys says he is ‘not a fan’ of Boris Johnson and did not vote for him

Veteran broadcaster John Humphrys has revealed he is “not a fan” of Boris Johnson and.

China accuses UK of starting ‘new Cold War’ over Boris Johnson’s Huawei ban

China has accused Britain and the US of starting a “new Cold War” with Beijing..

Labour demands Boris Johnson explain Liz Truss’ full leaked Brexit letter

Leon Neal/Getty Images Boris Johnson’s government must come to Parliament to explain an “extraordinary” leaked.

Ed Davey says Lib Dems must work with Starmer to defeat Boris Johnson

The current favourite to be the next Liberal Democrat leader says his party should work.

Kevin Maguire: Unemployment boom betrays the inner-Thatcher in Boris Johnson – Kevin Maguire

Letting unemployment boom betrays the inner Thatcher in Boris Johnson. Both share a political DNA.

Mark Steel: Boris Johnson’s lockdown rules is all Greek to dad Stanley – and me – Mark Steel

We shouldn’t be harsh on people who have defied the odd lockdown rule as some.

Nicola Sturgeon blasts “shambolic” Boris Johnson over air bridge plans

Scotland First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has blasted “shambolic” Boris Johnson for the way he has.

Boris Johnson warns air bridges will only be with a “small list of countries”

Boris Johnson has confirmed air bridges will only be with a “small list of countries”..

Boris Johnson and Nicola Sturgeon at war over air bridges dashing family holiday hopes

Families’ hopes for summer holidays abroad became a battleground between the Tories and Scottish nationalists.

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