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Largely Out of Sight in Washington, Kamala Harris Preps for White House

That process is made no easier by President Trump’s refusal to acknowledge the election results.

Kamala Harris Dated Talk Show Host Montel Williams in 2001

Everyone knows Kamala Harris made history by being voted in as the first Black, Asian.

China congratulates Joe Biden, Kamala Harris on US election win | China

China became one of the last major countries to congratulate the US leaders, nearly a.

Kamala Harris in Her White Suit

On Saturday night, when Kamala Harris stepped onto the stage and into history at the.

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris To Address Nation After Winning Presidential Election (LIVE STREAM)

Play video content Live Stream Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are about to address the.

Black women and girls react to Kamala Harris’ victory

Insider and Decision Desk HQ projected on Friday that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are.

Kamala Harris Makes History as First Female American Vice President

Harris is the first female, first Black person, first Indian American and first Asian American.

Parents honor first female U.S. VP-elect Kamala Harris with daughters

Kamala Harris just made history, and young girls everywhere are noticing. On Nov. 7, a.

Kamala Harris makes history as America’s first vice president

Harris is the first woman, the first black person, the first Native American and the.

Kamala Harris Scoffs at Report Trump Will Declare Early Victory

Breaking News President Trump is reportedly gearing up to prematurely declare himself the winner of.

Kamala Harris Gave Plea Deal to Illegal Before He Killed Drew Rosenberg

In the first week of November 2010, then-San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris won her.

Kamala Harris Hits the Campaign Trail in Phoenix, Arizona

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) is campaigning in Phoenix, Arizona, Wednesday, with less than a week.

Kamala Harris Lies 4 Times About Trump and Racism on ’60 Minutes’

CLAIM: President Donald Trump is a racist, as shown by Birtherism; Charlottesville; “Mexicans”; and the.

Sen. Kamala Harris Hot Mic: ‘Are We in Cleveland?’

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) appeared to forget what city she was campaigning in Saturday, asking.

Trump targets Democratic VP nominee Kamala Harris in sexist rant

President Donald Trump targeted Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris in a rant at a.

Donald Trump Warns of ‘Female Socialist President’ Kamala Harris

President Donald Trump on Friday warned supporters that Sen. Kamala Harris could be the first.

Kamala Harris Failed to Prosecute Illegal MS-13 Gang Member Months Before He Murdered Bologna Family

A known MS-13 Gang member, living illegally in the United States, was arrested but went.

Sen. David Perdue mocked Kamala Harris and Twitter’s not having it

It’s pronounced Kamala, with emphasis on the first syllable. Georgia Senator David Perdue kept things.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris enlist cats to help them defeat Trump

Presidential candidate Joe Biden and running-mate Kamala Harris are taking all the help they can.

Sen. David Purdue mispronounces Kamala Harris’ name at Trump rally

GOP Sen. David Perdue repeatedly mispronounced Sen. Kamala Harris’ name at a rally for President.

Sen. Kamala Harris Cancels Travel Plans After Staffer Gets COVID-19

Breaking News 1:30 PM PT — And now, a crew member on Biden’s campaign plane.

Pelosi Pushing 25th Amendment to Remove Joe Biden for Kamala Harris

During this week’s broadcast of FNC’s “Sunday Morning Futures,” President Donald Trump argued House Speaker.

Kamala Harris and the ‘Double Bind’ of Racism and Sexism

“She’ll bulldoze her elderly, sentimental boss,” Mr. Carlson, the Fox News host, said Wednesday. “So.

Sen. Kamala Harris a ‘Monster’ and a ‘Communist’

President Donald Trump warned Thursday that Sen. Kamala Harris was a communist who would quickly.

What We Learned from the Mike Pence vs Kamala Harris Debate

There were other gender dynamics at play, including Mr. Pence’s regular interruptions. “I’m speaking,” Ms..

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