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Trump, Trying to Cling to Power, Fans Unrest and Conspiracies

The president’s refusal to concede has entered a more dangerous phase as he blocks his.

Woman Arrested for Spitting in Cop’s Face Amid NYC Unrest, Riot in Portland

NYPD hauled off 50 protesters in handcuffs during election unrest in the city, and the.

Banks, Apartment Complexes Bracing for Election Night Unrest

Exclusive As election night draws near, banks and apartment complexes from coast-to-coast are gearing up.

Walmart Restocks Guns, Ammo in Stores After Short Removal Citing Civil Unrest

12:48 PM PT — The guns are back in stores. A spokesperson for Walmart says.

Facebook planning ahead for potential unrest on Election day: report

Facebook is preparing specific measures to slow the “spread of viral content” in preparation for.

Tense calm in Nigeria after days of unrest | Nigeria

Abuja, Nigeria – Relative calm has returned to Nigerian cities after more than two weeks.

Kyrgyz president orders state of emergency in capital amid unrest | Kyrgyzstan

Curfew, tight security restrictions to be in place until October 21, says president, amid political.

Kyrgyzstan annuls parliamentary election results amid unrest

Officials in Kyrgyzstan have nullified the results of a weekend parliamentary election after mass protests.

Egypt outlet says reporter detained while covering unrest

An Egyptian media outlet says authorities have detained one of its reporters covering the alleged.

Which Candidate Do Voters Trust to Handle the Unrest?

Welcome to Poll Watch, our weekly look at polling data and survey research on the.

Unrest in D.C. as Black Lives Matter Gathers to Protest Police Shooting

Black Lives Matter activists are gathering outside the 7th District police precinct in Southeast Washington,.

Trump Fans Strife as Unrest Roils the U.S.

But he defended another of his supporters, Kyle H. Rittenhouse, 17, who showed up at.

Man Shot and Killed in Portland Amid Riots, Civil Unrest

A turbulent day of riots and violence in Portland turned deadly Saturday night, as a.

Another Night of Unrest in Portland

new video loaded: Another Night of Unrest in Portland transcript Back transcript Another Night of.

Mali unrest: President dissolves court, opposition leaders jailed | News

Mali’s embattled president has announced the dissolution of the constitutional court in a bid to.

Ethiopia says 2 arrested in killing that sparked mass unrest

Ethiopia’s attorney general says two people have been arrested and a third is on the.

Bow Wow Says ‘Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta’ Will Address Social Unrest

Play video content Exclusive Bow Wow says he’s going to use his platform to.

Despite Unrest, Treasury Dept. Has No Plans to Speed Tubman to the $20 Note

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration has no plans to unveil a new $20 bill this.

Majority think police response to civil unrest was ‘disproportionate’

A June 8-9 poll of some 1,100 Americans found that 58% believe the police response.

Lead-up to Burundi election marred by unrest | Burundi News

Political campaigns in Burundi have ended ahead of a general election on Wednesday. They have.

Coronavirus: Government warned of ‘unrest’ if over-70s kept in lockdown longer than the young

The government has been warned it faces “social unrest” and deaths if over-70s are told.

Inmate found dead after Russian prison fire, unrest

One inmate has been found dead at a Siberian prison colony where a fire that.

Afghanistan-Taliban talks at risk as unrest continues | Afghanistan News

There have been nearly 80 attacks in Afghanistan since the United States and the Taliban.

India unrest: ‘We can’t just blame Hindus or Muslims’ | India News

People in India‘s capital are slowly returning to areas hardest hit by the recent violence..

Toby Alderweireld says ‘unhappy’ Tottenham player may be behind dressing room unrest claims

Toby Alderweireld insists there is no negativity at Tottenham over new boss Jose Mourinho’s regime,.

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