Adama Traore lathers himself in baby oil to gain advantage over opponents

Adama Traore has found a novel way to stop defenders fouling him – by applying baby oil to his arms ahead of matches.

Wolves forward Traore boasts blistering strength and pace, and rivals players find stopping him a near impossible task when he’s bearing down on goal.

Many resort to grabbing his arms to pull him back and concede a tactical foul.

But Wolves medics have come up with an ingenious way of combating this, by simply making the Spaniard’s arms slippery with baby oil.

The oil means that Traore can slip past players without being dragged back.

And it also plays another role in protecting the forward, who has suffered badly with his shoulder this season.

Adama Traore has found a novel way to stop defenders fouling him

Traore dislocated his shoulder in Wolves’ clash with Tottenham in December and it has popped out a further four times since.

By preventing a player’s ability to grab hold of the former Barcelona man’s arms, it has helped keep his shoulder safe from injury.

A Wolves insider told The Sun: “It’s something we’ve had to do to protect Adama.

Traore boasts blistering strength and pace

“Defenders are so worried about him getting away from them with his pace they were reaching out and tugging at his arm. That was causing the shoulder to pop out during games.

“Lubricating his arms makes it harder for opponents to grab him and helps prevent further damage.”

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