Advice for Brits with Germany holidays booked as country goes into lockdown

Germany is preparing for a second national lockdown which will take place from Monday 2nd November until the end of the month.

However, country has been left on the UK’s travel corridors list this week, with only Cyprus and Lithuania being removed.

Brits won’t need to quarantine when coming back from Germany – and the Foreign Office continues to exempt it from its ‘all but essential’ travel advice.

That means that in theory, Brits who have a holiday booked to Germany can still go on their trip because the UK government doesn’t advise them against it.

However, it’s worth noting that Germany’s national lockdown means that restaurants and theatres will be shut, while hotels will be closed to tourists.

So, not exactly ideal.

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Furthermore, the country has deemed the UK a ‘high risk’ area, meaning Brits will be subject to entry requirements such as having to take a Covid-19 test, notifying the local German health authority of where you’ll be staying.

You may need to quarantine for 14 days, unless you test negative for Covid-19 – but in some parts of Germany, you may need a second test to exempt you.

(You can read more in the FCDO advice on Germany’s entry requirements ).

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If you have a trip booked, in theory it can go ahead because the FCDO doesn’t advise against travel.

However, unsurprisingly Brits with travel plans may wish to cancel – in which case, your best bet is to get in touch with your travel firm. It’s likely that you’ll be offered a variety of options such as rebooking to a later date, or vouchers to use for future holidays.

As for refunds, it will depend on the terms and conditions of your booking. The Citizens Advice Bureau has a handy guide here dedicated to FAQs around getting your money back if you want to cancel a holiday because of coronavirus.

Coronavirus travel advice

Nigel Thompson, Reach Travel Editor, says of the latest corridor updates: “Once again the Shapps o’clock quarantine decisions have left the travel industry completely baffled.

“Germany is going into a ‘lockdown lite’ with hotels shut to tourists, and yet it keeps its corridor. Cyprus does have rising infections, but it has only had eight deaths since mid-May.

“I’d say the Government has gone at least a fortnight too early on the island.

“Jamaica is the real puzzle, its rates are extremely low and a corridor looked nailed on as its resorts can organise safe bubbles for tourists if need be. Surely next week?”

  • Travel restrictions can change rapidly during the pandemic. You should check the latest FCDO Germany advice for any new updates or changes you need to be aware of before planning, booking or going on a trip.


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