Airline’s new seat map shows where babies are sitting so passengers can avoid them

Being sat next to a crying baby during a flight isn’t ideal.

Even though you know there’s nothing the parents can do and it’s not the baby’s fault, it can still make the journey feel a whole lot longer when you’re right by a screaming baby.

But one airline is looking to give its passengers the chance to sit as far away from infants as possible.

Japan Airlines has launched a new seat map for passengers booking a flight which features a ‘child icon’, flagging the seats which have already been booked for infants and babies.

Twitter user Rahat Ahmed shared a screenshot of the new booking system, praising Japan Airlines “for warnings me about where babies plan to scream and yell during a 13 hour trip” and adding that the feature “ought to be mandatory across the board”.

However the feature has somewhat divided social media users.

Some have praised it for offering passengers a chance to pick their seat and put the odds of a quieter journey in their favour.

Others have pointed out that other passengers can be just as disruptive as babies – after all, babies aren’t the worst passengers to be stuck next to .

Others argued that it showed a lack of sympathy towards parents, further adding pressure if their little ones did end up crying on a flight, which already can be quite a stressful experience for parents.


One user argued: “They are babies as we all once were. We need to learn tolerance or will soon start needing a map of seat locations for mouth breathers, droolers, farters, drunks, and perhaps a lot more things in life. What ever happened to life’s surprises?”

The good news is that if you are the parent of a crying baby, there are some tricks you can try to help settle your little one .

Meanwhile, one flight attendant has shared her tricks for getting a baby to fall asleep on a flight.

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Tips for flying with children

However ultimately, if a baby needs to cry, there’s not much that can be done.

Mums and dads have shared tips for flying with a baby for the first time , and letting your baby cry is one of them.

One mum advised: “I’d say the most important thing to remember is not to worry if they cry. They’re babies, it’s their only way they can communicate with you. The majority of other passengers will understand that.”


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