Andrew Neil vs Owen Jones: Twitter Bitch Fight of the Week

Owen Jones kicked off an almighty row yesterday by writing a column that attempted to argue a host of British journalists and commentators, most of whom had been critical of Trump and Trumpism – to the point of arguing it should be defeated at the ballot box, of being cheerleaders who have suddenly U-turned. Anyone who has read Andrew Neil or Dan Hannan’s prose will know that cheerleaders they were not.

When Andrew Neil called him out on his article things got heated.

Owen Jones tried to wriggle out of it by saying that he didn’t technically accuse Andrew Neil of personally cheerleading for Trump directly, only chairing (not editing) a magazine that had published some pro-Trump articles. Handily he forgets the many anti-Trump articles that the Spectator also publishes.

It was Andrew Neil who had the last laugh…

While Owen’s Guardian video series was recently cut, the Spectator keeps on growing. Guido detects more than a little jealousy in this spat…



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