AP PHOTOS: Former shipping container maker uses them to farm

HONG KONG — After a career making shipping containers that transport freight around the world, Arthur Lee has stayed with them in retirement, using them to raise crops and fish.

Operating on a rented 1,000-square-meter (quarter-acre) patch of wasteland in Hong Kong’s rural Yuen Long, Lee’s MoVertical Farm utilizes about 30 decommissioned containers, some decades old, to raise red watercress and other local vegetables hydroponically, eliminating the need for soil. A few are also used as ponds for freshwater fish.

As one of the world’s great trading hubs, Hong Kong is a rich source of the sturdy 40-foot (12-meter) -long boxes.

And if Lee loses his lease, he can load his container farm onto trucks and move it elsewhere with minimal disruption.


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