Apple’s new phones boast more cameras, lower price – Video

Three new iPhones are about to hit the market, the iPhone 11, iPhone Pro, and iPhone Max.
But before you upgrade, here are some things to consider.
Hands down, the biggest change to this new line of phones is the cameras.
The 11 will now have two cameras on the back for wide and ultra wide pictures.
The higher end models the pro in the max versions now both three adding an additional lens for telephoto while the exterior finishes and colors have changed, the phone is still not 5g compatible or able to reverse charge your other devices.
The new iPhone started $699 much less than expected and will go on sale September 20.
But if you’re not ready to pull the trigger on this new lineup, don’t forget the iPhone 8 and last year’s iPhone XR are still for sale for significantly reduced prices.
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I’m Kara Tsuboi with CNET for CBS news.


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