Bernie Sanders’ Mittens Inspire This Student to Create Meme Generator

Bernie Sits uses Google Maps to allow users to get all of their giggles from this viral meme by virtually putting Bernie anywhere on the grid. Nick explained, “Generally the Street View API will give you a relatively similar angle from the sidewalk unless they couldn’t get that angle. So if I don’t try to change that field of view or the angle, and generally know what Bernie will look like on the sidewalk, it works most of the time.”

Because Google charges per query, Nick has quickly learned that as the site’s traffic grows, Nick’s cost to host the website increases exponentially, leaving him with a bill that he has since built a crowdfunding campaign to pay. 

In response to his supporters, Nick wrote on his crowdfunding page, “If you’re here it’s probably because of my Bernie-sits website. I’m overjoyed so many people like it! The server costs money to keep running and stable, which is currently coming out of my own pocket. Google also charges me each time someone uses the site for using the maps API. As a grad student, I can use all the help I can get paying to keep it running!’


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