Best iPhone Lightning cable 2020

The best durable Lightning cable

Fuse Chicken IDC TITAN Lightning Cable

Fuse Chicken

The Fuse Chicken Titan Lightning Cable is so strong that it can survive a chainsaw.

Dog ate your Lightning cable? We’ve heard that one before. Luckily, there’s a new, nearly indestructible Lightning cable available for your iPhone. The Fuse Chicken Titan cord is so tough that its creators literally took a chainsaw to it, and it survived. 

Fuse Chicken’s cable is covered in two layers of flexible steel, so it’s extra tough, but it’s also stiffer and heavier than most Lightning cables. You can twist it into any shape you want or even tie it in knots, and the Titan cord will be just fine.

It also has a limited lifetime warranty, so if you do find a way to break it through normal use, you may be able to get it replaced. Just don’t be like The Verge and take a sword to it, hammer it on an anvil, or slice it with a sander — that kind of barbarism will, apparently, cut the cord.

The neck of the cable that’s right next to the Lightning charger is wider than Apple’s cable for added strength. The only downside is that the wider neck may not fit into the cutout for the charging port on some iPhone cases.

Although it’s not a super long cord, the Titan is 3-feet long, which should be more than enough for most people’s needs. Fuse Chicken makes other cable lengths, too, including a short keychain style.

User reviews on Amazon are positive, and the tech site Digital Trends recommends the Titan as one of the best Lightning cables you can buy.

Pros: Made from industrial-grade flexible high-strength steel, lifetime guarantee, MFi certified by Apple, it’s pet proof, and it survived a chainsaw attack, so yeah … it’s durable

Cons: Expensive

$34.99 from Best Buy


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