Best Pop Culture Moments of 2020 — “WAP,” ‘Tiger King,’ and More

It’s easy to forget that some really great things happened in 2020. The coronavirus pandemic took over headlines for most of the year, but there were some pop culture moments that took place before and during lockdown that prove 2020 wasn’t a total waste. 

In fact, you can say that 2020 was Megan Thee Stallion‘s breakout year. She had two hit songs and basically took over TikTok. And while it might seem like forever ago, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez put on a Super Bowl Halftime Show that had people buzzing. 

Oh, and Netflix provided some quality content as well (we’re looking at you, Joe Exotic). So, here are the Top 10 pop culture moments of 2020, which generated some of the highest levels of interaction across Facebook’s apps


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