Best rugby boots for 2020

Rugby is a fluid, ultra-physical sport that sees players of all different shapes and sizes covering the field fast direction changes.

This means that the best rugby boots need to be super-comfortable, supportive, robust and durable.

There are two main different types of rugby boots: soft ground and firm ground. Soft ground are specially for muddy fields and have detachable studs to allow you to adjust their length to the field’s conditions; hard ground rugby boots have a more firm grip with up to 14 studs on the outsole; it’s good idea to have to two pairs to cover your bases, as grounds will be softer or harder depending on the season and weather conditions.

Sizing, value, comfort, materials and style are other factors to take into consideration. We’ve rounded up the best rugby boots below, making it easier to be at the top of your game.

The best rugby boots

1. Adidas Predator Malice Control Soft Ground Boots

Lightweight and breathable yet is durable, these soft ground rugby boots have a foot-wrapping knit textile upper that keeps you securely locked in.

The sock-like fit provides a comfortable feel while asymmetrical lacing leaves the strike area clear. What’s more, there’s ‘grippy’ rubber elements on the forefoot that can help improve your kicking accuracy. And they’re sleek and stylish too.

Price: £179.95, Adidas – buy here now

2. Mizuno Waitangi PS Reflex Blue C/White Rugby Boots

Another brilliant soft ground rugby boot, these Mizunos boast uppers that deliver a high level of softness and durability offering a structured fit.

The removable studs offer a classic 6:2 pattern for stability and traction on  natural grass surfaces.

The clever design also offers excellent forefoot flexibility and traction in those scrum movements.

Price: £125, Prodirect Rugby – buy here now

3. Asics Lethal Warno ST2

This Asics soft ground rugby boot has a very lightweight upper for comfort and easy movement.

The heel is raised by 10mm, which works to reduce the load on your foot, and propel you forward.

There’s an eight-studded outsole for good grip; the six-studded forefoot design gives you improved foot-to-ground surface for planting your feet and also allows for quick heel and toe-off for faster play.

Price: £115, Asics – buy here now

4. Canterbury Unisex Adults’ Phoenix 2.0 Firm Ground Rugby Boots

Built for adaptability and power, these robust firm ground rugby boots have a durable PU upper and a cushioned collar for maximum comfort.

An 8mm heel raise reduces lower limb strain and promotes powerful positioning, perfect for forwards.

Price: £56.40, Amazon – buy here now

5. Canterbury Adults’ Stampede 2.0 Soft Ground Rugby Boots

Canterbury is a great brand if you’re keeping an eye on budget or want a decent pair of rugby boots to train in.

These soft ground boots boast a 9mm heel raise to reduce pressure on your limbs and offers a powerful foot position, they have a comfortable PU upper, and a cushioned ankle collar for support.

Price: £59.99, Amazon – buy here now

6. Under Armour Clutchfit Force 2.0 FG

These versatile firm ground boots have a foot-hugging design for comfort and stability.

They have a high-performing soleplate that moves with the natural motion of your foot, providing great traction in every direction on firm ground.

With a central lacing system, non-slip tongue, and heel counter, they offer locked-in stability for a worry-free performance.

Price: £64, Prodirect Rugby – buy here now

7. Nike Tiempo Legend VII FG

Like a number of professional boots, these straddle across the fields of rugby and football.

Tough sports need reliable footwear, and these are a lightweight, durable and stylish option.

Nikegrip technology helps prevent your foot from sliding during play, offers breathability and support, and just the right amount of comfort.

Price: £139.99, Amazon – buy here now

8. Nike Mercurial Vapor Pro FG Boots

A great all-rounder, these boots are popular with both beginners and pros, and offer a versatile performance thanks to their All Conditions Control (ACC) technology.

So, while they are firm ground boots, you can actually wear them in different weather conditions.

The high-quality synthetic upper seamlessly wraps around the foot for ultimate comfort and security, while moulded chevron studs offer great traction and speed.

Price: £100, Lovell Rugby – buy here now


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