Beyonce Stealing From Other Artists — From Song Credits to Choreography

I don’t think it’s shocking news when artists don’t write their own music — it’s normally expected. After all, once you reach a certain level of fame you cease being an artist and become more like a marketing/brand machine. It’s hard thinking of constant No. 1 hits, original dance performances, and eye-popping visual music videos. And when an artist can’t keep up with the relentless demand for originality, they steal. Beyoncé should know — she’s a pro at it.

Ever since her Destiny’s Child days, Queen Bey has been accused of stealing songwriting credits for songs she didn’t write, lifting choreography from dancers without permission, and even straight-up jacking songs from struggling artists and then paying a settlement fee to shut them up. 

Beyoncé is hardly the only mainstream artist that does this (ahem, Madonna, ahem), but her rap sheet is definitely one of the longest. Below, a full rundown of all the times she’s been accused of stealing.

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