‘Boy Meets World’ stars got together and recreated a classic photo

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The internet’s love for ’90s sitcoms runs deep, especially when said sitcom features child actors that managed to grow up without turning into complete trash.

Today’s trip down memory lane comes compliments of Danielle Fishel, who starred as Topanga on Boy Meets World. Fishel recently got together with three of her fellow former cast members — Ben Savage, Will Friedle, and Rider Strong — and the happy gathering led to a so-cute-it-hurts recreation of a classic cast photo.

See for yourself.

The photo was taken when the four reunited on Friday at Wizard World Chicago Comic Con. Fishel posted both the original promo photo and the foursome’s adorable remake. Guess which one is new.

Boy Meets World ran from 1993-2000 and explored the trials of teenage life at school and at home. The ABC series centered on Savage’s Cory Matthews and his best pal, Shawn Hunter (Strong). Friedle and Fishel also played key roles as Cory’s elder brother Eric and childhood friend Topanga, respectively.

If you grew up during the ’90s, you probably remember Boy Meets World. Ben is the younger brother of Fred Savage, who memorably starred in The Wonder Years, another classic sitcom from the same era. The brothers spent a lot of time in the spotlight during those years.

All seven seasons of Boy Meets World came to Hulu in late 2017, and there was much rejoicing. If you’re in the market for great life choices, watching the whole thing is a solid idea. But if you’d rather take a more curated look at the series, here are some of our very favorite episodes.

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