10 things in tech you need to know today, October 12

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Good morning! This is the tech news you need to know this Friday.

  1. Americans are now copying Russia and making hundreds of fake
    Facebook accounts to influence politics
    removed 559 pages and 251 accounts for breaking its
    rules around spam and “inauthentic behaviour.”

  2. The departure of Square’s chief financial officer Sarah Friar
    has surprised both employees and outside investors,
    leaving both groups trying to predict what it means for the $28
    billion payments company to lose its
     Analysts expressed concern
    following the news that Square may struggle to rebound from the
    loss — but staffers are happy to see Friar move onto a CEO

  3. The staff of a secretive Facebook initiative called Building 8
    have been working to make the world’s first brain-computer
    interfaces, devices that essentially put the functionality of a
    laptop in your head
    The initiative includes
    at least two major publicly reported projects: a
    noninvasive brain sensor designed to turn thoughts into text
    and a device that essentially lets you “hear” with your skin.

  4. Amazon and other companies are facing a postal-service price
    hike after months of criticism from Trump
    The US
    Postal Service has proposed hiking prices on the delivery
    service utilized by Amazon by up to 12%.

  5. Hackers are using stolen Apple IDs to steal money in China,
    Tencent and Alipay warned
    According to Bloomberg,
    it’s a rare breach of China’s financial services.

  6. Facebook will let users post ‘3D photos’ in their News
    The feature will add depth to photos,
    making them look three-dimensional.
  7. Uber wants the SEC to allow it to give equity to
    . It could potentially
    become a new type of compensation for gig economy workers,
    according to Axios.

  8. A new kind of Apple mapping vehicle has been spotted around Los
    They are white Subaru Impreza wagons
    with a tower of gear sprouting from the roof and quite
    different-looking than the previously known Apple Maps
    vehicles, which were minivans.
  9. Scooter startup Lime is accusing the city of San
    Francisco of scooter
    . The startup was
    left out of the city’s scooter pilot programme, and it’s now
    trying to delay that programme’s rollout.

  10. Kanye West wants Apple to build an ‘iPlane’ for President Trump
    to replace Air Force One
    West showed the
    president prospective designs for iPlane 1, which would be
    hydrogen-powered and built by Apple.

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