Dubai defends no lockdown despite virus spike in influencer hotspot

Dubai’s tourism boss defended keeping the city open as tourists and influencers escape there. Coronavirus.

Gab CEO says Trump doesn’t use the platform

Gab CEO Andrew Torba said Saturday that former President Donald Trump doesn’t use the platform..

Parler offered Trump Org 40% ownership stake for exclusivity deal

The Trump Organization held failed talks with Parler to become a part-owner, BuzzFeed News reported..

20% upside as buy-the-dip mentality continues

The stock market has 20% upside potential from current levels, according to a Thursday note.

China, Russia block UN from condemning Myanmar coup

China and Russia blocked the UN Security Council from condemning the Myanmar coup. Myanmar’s military.

American millennials are buying multimillion-dollar ‘starter’ homes

Millennials have long been painted as a generation doomed to be eternally broke and renting.

Business Insider’s top advertising and media stories for February 1

Good morning and welcome to Insider Advertising for February 1. I’m senior advertising reporter Lauren.

Antifa claims diverted officials attention from right-wing threats

Trump’s warnings about antifa diverted resources when the threat of right-wing extremism was growing. The.

Meet the first 20 members of Facebook’s ‘Supreme Court’

In late 2018, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced an ambitious plan: to create an independent oversight.

Pregnant people who get COVID-19 may pass antibodies along to babies

A new study found that 87% of new mothers who had detectable COVID-19 antibodies shared.

Black tights that don’t rip — our picks from Spanx, Commando, & more

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GameStop rips as much as 130% higher after Elon Musk’s ‘Gamestonk’ tweet extends the day-trading rally

REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton/ Tobias Schwarz/Pool Shares in GameStop rose as much as 130% higher early on.

Fauci feared Trump disinfectant remark could spark ‘dangerous’ actions: CNN

Dr. Anthony Fauci said he was worried that people would do “dangerous and foolish things”.

EY says it will be ‘carbon negative’ by end of 2021 to help climate

Ernst & Young aims to be carbon negative this year, cut emissions by 40%, and.

Democratic lawmakers ask Biden to commute existing death row sentences

Thirty-seven lawmakers asked President Joe Biden to commute the sentences of all remaining federal death.

Alphabet just shut down internet balloon startup Loon

Alphabet just shut down Google X spinout Loon, the solar-powered internet balloon company.  Google X.

Michael Flynn’s brother involved in military response to Capitol siege: WaPo

The US Army falsely claimed that Michael Flynn’s brother was not on a call discussing.

Ancient Egyptian queen’s funerary temple, 50 coffins found in Saqqara

For millennia, ancient Egyptians were laid to rest in burial shafts under Saqqara, a city.

Fox News stipulated Seth Rich settlement remain private

In settling a lawsuit with the parents of Seth Rich, the DNC staffer murdered in.

AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine approved for emergency use in Pakistan

Pakistan’s regulators approved AstraZeneca and Oxford University’s COVID-19 shot for emergency use.  The shot will.

More than 2 million worldwide have died from COVID-19

More than 2 million people worldwide have died from COVID-19 as of Friday.  The world.

Troubadour Hotel New Orleans – Hotel Review, January 2021

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House debate over Trump impeachment, schedule, how to watch: live

Republicans embark on a misleading crusade against ‘cancel culture’ Jim Jordan. C-SPAN Ohio Rep. Jim.

Hallmark asks Sens. Hawley, Marshall to return its donations after Biden vote

Greeting card company Hallmark has asked two Republican senators to return its political donations after.

PGA pulls 2022 Championship from Trump’s NJ golf course

The PGA of America has voted to pull its 2022 PGA Championships from Donald Trump’s.

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