Microsoft just killed support for Windows 7

Microsoft will no longer support Windows 7, one of the company’s most successful products, starting.

Australian Open tennis players affected by bushfires as air quality reaches hazardous levels

Australia’s continuing, catastrophic bushfire crisis has seen at least 28 people killed, an estimated 10.

Upcoming ‘Pro Mode’ could soon provide a boost to your MacBook

MacBook users looking to squeeze every drop of performance out of their portable machines may.

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G will reportedly have beastly specs

Do you hate it when phone manufacturers make compromises in their flagship phones? If you’re.

Stephen Colbert pokes holes in Trump’s dodgy reasoning for killing Iranian general

Trump and his loyalists have been trying to convince Congress — as well as the.

The new ‘Black Widow’ trailer has more Russian accents and more Florence Pugh

Marvel is celebrating Black Widow stars Scarlett Johansson and Florence Pugh’s Oscar nominations with a.

The U.S. government is pressuring Apple to unlock an iPhone. Again.

Here we go again.  Attorney General William Barr is pressuring Apple to help law enforcement.

Ring hit with class action lawsuit for ‘failure to take basic security precautions’

A group of Ring camera owners who have been terrorized by hackers are now suing.

‘Uncanny Valley,’ CES, and the end of tech exceptionalism

I ended CES by finishing a book. It was Uncanny Valley, a memoir from New.

Americans trust Google and Amazon more than Tom Hanks, report finds

Who could possibly be more trustworthy than Tom Hanks — America’s , aka Forest Gump,.