Uber Eats workers keep riding in Australia’s hazardous air with little support

Chemists and hardware stores across Australia are as the bushfire crisis continues. Thick smoke has.

Trump stumbles into encryption debate, tells Apple to unlock iPhones

Donald Trump has some words for his old pal, Tim Apple.  The President of the.

Google will ‘phase out’ cookies in Chrome — just not anytime soon

Google says it will “phase out” one of the main tools that allows companies to.

Grindr, OkCupid send your private data to third-party companies

When it comes to apps and privacy, it’s nearly always worse than you think.  That.

U.S. government officials place pressure on Apple to unlock an iPhone

The pressure on Apple appears concerned more with making a public case for developing encryption.

The Baby Yoda puppet cost $5 million, but its true value is priceless

Baby Yoda is one of the greatest things to come out of the Star Wars.

Verizon launches privacy-oriented search engine OneSearch

The internet has a brand new privacy-first search engine, this one courtesy of Verizon. On.

Microsoft just killed support for Windows 7

Microsoft will no longer support Windows 7, one of the company’s most successful products, starting.

Australian Open tennis players affected by bushfires as air quality reaches hazardous levels

Australia’s continuing, catastrophic bushfire crisis has seen at least 28 people killed, an estimated 10.

Upcoming ‘Pro Mode’ could soon provide a boost to your MacBook

MacBook users looking to squeeze every drop of performance out of their portable machines may.