Facebook’s new policy bans blackface and some Jewish stereotypes

Facebook is broadening its definition of hate speech. On Tuesday, Facebook released its latest ,.

Why smut fics are so popular in the LGBTQ community

August 8 is International Female Orgasm Day, and we’re celebrating with an entire week dedicated.

Demise of Canada’s last ice shelf seen in vivid satellite images

The Arctic is unraveling. This rapidly warming region — now heating up three times faster.

Apple’s WatchOS 7 beta is now available for download

Image: apple Michael Kan for PCMag 2020-08-11 19:47:34 UTC Follow @https://twitter.com/PCMag PCMag.com is a leading.

Twitter gives everyone the power to limit tweet replies (for real this time)

OK, this time Twitter means it.  What has since May been the prerogative of a.

Ring Doorbell 3 is on sale for $20 off at Amazon

All products featured here are independently selected by our editors and writers.If you buy something.

Every Android phone will now help detect earthquakes

Everyone with an Android smartphone will now help Google accurately report when there’s an earthquake..

Looking to unblock YouTube? You’re not alone.

Have you ever tried to access your favorite website at work or school only to.

‘Ozark’ star Julia Garner does A+ impressions of Britney Spears and Gwen Stefani

Impressions are a risky business. Unless you get them absolutely spot on, there’s always the.

Stephen Colbert updates ‘West Side Story’ with bleak new lyrics for the coronavirus pandemic

“Okay, we don’t have a public health system, but we do have systemic racism and.

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