Internet Explorer exploit lets hackers steal data even if you never it

Even if you never open Internet Explorer, a newly discovered Windows security flaw found that.

Juul sets up a web portal for narcing on vaping teens

Don’t be a bad teen.Image: Suzanne Kreiter / The Boston Globe / Getty By Jack.

Mike Gravel’s campaign is proof that more politicians need meme tutors

In the age of surrealist memes and viral content, why aren’t more politicians seeking out.

Noah Centineo plays an insufferable jerk in ‘The Perfect Date’: Review

The following is a spoiler-free review of Netflix’s The Perfect Date. Of all the boys.

A guide to roasting Bran Stark in ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8

sBran Stark sucks, but you don’t have to be so obvious about it. Look. It’s.

Instagram cracks down on ‘inappropriate’ content

Instagram is making changes to its recommendations.Image: carl court / Getty Images By Karissa Bell2019-04-10.

How did NASA create its own pretty artificial auroras? Rockets, of course.

These artificial auroras are arguably as beautiful as the real thing.Image: NASA/Lee Wingfield By Shannon.

Don’t hold your breath for that 16-inch MacBook Pro

Apple’s 16-  or 16.5-inch MacBook Pro may not come until 2021.Image: Dustin Drankoski/Mashable By Stan.

K-pop Twitter can’t tell which way BTS’ Jimin is facing in this new video clip

There’s nothing the internet loves more than a good visual illusion combined with some mildly.

Shadows Die Twice’ and difficulty vs. accessibility

For anyone who’s been paying attention to the social media discourse around video games in.

Watch hilarious ‘Game of Thrones’ sketches from ‘Saturday Night Live’

Jon Snow may know nothing, but boy are we hoping Game of Thrones star Kit.

Best wireless charging mats 2019 (RIP AirPower, we hardly knew you)

The Choetech wireless charging pad is Qi and ETL Certified and integrated with a smart.

Snapchat gets upgrade with gaming platform and new features

Snapchat is trying to stay alive in 2019 with some new projects. One initiative, called.

Elon Musk is still Tesla CEO — for now

Tesla CEO Elon Musk had his day in court.Image: Drew Angerer/Getty Images By Sasha Lekach.

Lincoln Aviator SUV returns with 28-speaker sound system

Disclosure Every product here is independently selected by Mashable journalists. If you buy something featured,.

‘Game of Thrones’ star Emilia Clarke describes what it’s like to survive a brain haemorrhage

Emilia Clarke recently penned an op-ed for The New Yorker, detailing how she survived two.

The three most popular Netflix shows in the U.S.

HighSpeedInternet looked at the top shows by each state. At number one, 13 Reasons Why..

Best and worst April Fools jokes from big tech companies in 2019

Big tech companies continued the tradition of questionable April Fools jokes in 2019.Image: Chesnot /.

Facebook will give you more info about why certain posts show up in your News Feed

Facebook is adding a feature to its News Feed in an effort to be more.

This massive online course sale is meant to help you live your best life

Your time is valuable and limited — and with the right resources you can learn.

Tom Hiddleston’s Chinese Centrum ad is a real wild ride

It was brought to the internet’s attention on Friday that Tom Hiddleston recently starred in.

Dad delivers impromptu performance of ‘Ave Maria’ for his daughter at Disney World

There are some things in life that that are so pure they deserve to be.

GoFundMe donates to GoFundMe that’s trolling another GoFundMe

We forgive you if you’re feeling a bit confused.  GoFundMe, the company, just donated $5,000.

Stephen Colbert tears into NASA for its female spacesuit debacle

In case you needed any evidence that we’re still living in a world that’s built.

The Fire HD 8 is on sale for Prime Members for $30 off on Amazon

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Best tax software for small business owners 2019

Tax software that’s capable of tackling complex returns can be every small business owner’s saving.

‘Egg boy’ believes what he did ‘united people,’ even if he admits it was wrong

It’s the crack of an egg that was heard around the world. Australian 17-year-old Will.

The stream for Apple’s event is already up, and it’s tons of fun

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Kodiak Leather duffel bags on sale this weekend with promo code

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Hashtag about a world without Twitter is trending… on Twitter

If we’re being honest, tweeting about what the world would be like without Twitter is.

This fake Mueller report is the ultimate troll

We got got.  Special counsel Robert Mueller delivered his report to the Attorney General on.

It’s National Puppy Day and BarkBox is just $10 for your dog’s first box

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