LG’s G8 will have a 3D selfie camera

LG is improving its face recognition tech in a big way.Image: Dana Froome/Mashable By Stan.

Here’s how WhatsApp is fighting fake news in India

What’s up with fake news on WhatsApp?Image: HAYOUNG JEON/EPA-EFE/REX/SHUTTERSTOCK By Rachel Kraus2019-02-06 12:23:25 -0500 WhatsApp.

Trippy space photo shows distant Earth behind the far side of the moon

Check out the far side of the moon, with Earth on the bottom right.Image: MingChuan.

Seth Meyers slams Virginia governor’s response to racist yearbook photo

After a racist photo on his 1984 yearbook page surfaced on Friday, Virginia Governor Ralph.

Conan O’Brien’s DNA test results are frankly a feat of human genetics

You know you’re something special when a doctor tells you they’ve not seen anything quite.

‘Doctor Who’ fan makes snow Dalek that turns NSFW after melting

A Dalek from ‘Doctor Who’ sits in a pop-up shop.Image: carlos osorio / Toronto Star.

Usain Bolt tied the NFL’s 40-yard dash record, was real chill about it

Usain Bolt really just did that.  The retired Olympian tied the NFL’s record for the.

Uber and Lyft trips just got more expensive in NYC. Here’s why.

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The best UK deals for Friday

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The best VPNs for unlocking US Amazon Prime Video content in the UK

So you signed up for Amazon Prime Video but the series you desperately wanted to.

YouTuber perfectly parodies pretentious Genius videos

There are few things more pretentious than the Genius Verified series, which has over-the-top artists.

Tesla launches new cheaper Model S and Model X

Tesla is tweaking its Model X and Model S lineup again. As spotted by Electrek,.

C-3PO actor Anthony Daniels posts emotional tweet after finishing ‘Episode IX’

Image: Christopher Polk/Getty Images By Laura Byager2019-01-29 11:02:31 UTC In every Star Wars movie, viewers.

This plank fight between angry neighbors is truly a wild way to start the day

What wood you do?Image: Taran strokoe / Twitter  By Harry Hill2019-01-28 16:55:59 UTC Morning routines.

17 must-read books for activists

Image: MASHABLE COMPOSITE: HarperCollins Publishers / Beacon Press / AK Press By Victoria Rodriguez2019-01-27 23:00:00 UTC Reading.

Matt LeBlanc stole props from ‘Friends’ set for the best reason

The fascination with all things Friends doesn’t let up, even after the actors in the.

Masculinity is having a moment

Men are under attack. Everything that makes masculinity sacred — valor, honor, chivalry, leadership —.

Chemists have created a nontoxic pufferfish extract

Pufferfish are considered a delicacy, but eating it could kill you. Read more… More about.

Planned Parenthood launches a new sexual health chatbot for teens

Planned Parenthood’s Roo isn’t a regular chatbot, its a cool chatbot — designed to answer.

Microsoft’s Bing blocked in China

Microsoft-owned search engine Bing has been blocked in China. “We’ve confirmed that Bing is currently.

Stephen Curry reveals the reason behind his dunk fail, proves he’s human too

Despite all the evidence to the contrary, Stephen Curry is, in fact, human. He makes.

Why yes, it is possible to score a MacBook Pro on sale for $600 — if you don’t mind buying refurbished

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Hilarious ‘Bird Box’ memes offer comic relief for burned Saints fans

After a fierce Sunday of back-to-back playoff games between the final four, the NFL has.

Why Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez dropped into a ‘Donkey Kong 64’ session on Twitch

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez dropped by a Twitch stream for an important reason.Image: John Lamparski/Getty Images By.

Score a trio of extra long Lightning cables on sale for 65% off

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made perfect use of this 20-year-old meme

Image: Rick Loomis/Getty Images By Adam Rosenberg2019-01-19 16:10:15 UTC Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants the super-rich to.

The Weather Channel previews ice storm in scary immersive mixed reality

Let Jim Cantore scare you into staying inside this weekend. The Weather Channel meteorologist stars.

The huge ‘Collection #1’ data breach is only a small part of much larger hacker dataset

Stuff those credentials.Image: ambar del moral / mashable By Jack Morse2019-01-18 02:24:17 UTC I guess.

Mary Poppins hunts zombies in a post-Brexit apocalypse in kinda plausible ‘Late Show’ sketch

At this point it seems like nobody really knows what will actually happen when the.

My Date With a Robot

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Ethereum is about to get a big upgrade. Here’s what you need to know.

Ethereum, the third-largest cryptocurrency by market cap and the most popular platform for decentralized applications.

Trump blatantly lies about being in the White House, confuses everyone

Image: ALEX WONG / Getty Images By Kellen Beck2019-01-13 16:06:15 UTC President Donald Trump has.