He redesigned Count Chocula. Now he creates emoji.

In the early 2000s, Pat Giles worked on MTV’s Daria. Then he redesigned Count Chocula..

The ‘League Of Legends’ Worlds opening ceremony was a huge holographic hip hop show

What’s better than a holographic Tupac? Holograms of rappers who are actually still alive and.

YouTube says it can delete accounts that aren’t ‘commercially viable’

YouTube’s new terms of service has some users and content creators very worried that the.

‘A queen is never late’

Time waits for no one — except Madonna. Her fans, it seems, are less than.

Alibaba Singles Day started with Taylor Swift and a big broken record

Move over Prime Day, Alibaba’s shopping holiday just set new spending records. Singles Day, the.

NHL team throws birthday party for 11-year-old fan after viral tweet

A young hockey fan just had what might be the best birthday do-over in history. .

You’ve never seen button-mashing like this before

Ludwig Ahgren can press buttons faster than you. Hell, it’s now a proven fact that.

Logan Paul loses YouTuber boxing rematch in controversial decision

YouTuber Logan Paul lost his big boxing rematch against fellow creator KSI in a fittingly.

Sweet bird kisses and coos at a kid in this achingly precious video

Everyone say hello to Mai Mai the parrot. Mai Mai has a big heart and,.

Apple Card being investigated by regulators for gender bias

Apple’s tech-oriented credit card is at the heart of a new investigation into alleged gender.