Senior Democrat: Ban Teens from Wearing MAGA Hats

House Budget Committee chair Rep. John Yarmuth (D-KY) called Sunday for a ban on teenagers.

‘March for ALL Women’ Counters Women’s March: ‘We Are Not Victims’

The third annual, anti-President Donald Trump Women’s March took center stage in Washington, DC, on.

Trump to Offer Fix for Shutdown and Border ‘Humanitarian Crisis’

President Donald Trump will offer another compromise deal on Saturday to end the shutdown over.

College Grads Launch Protest Against H-1B Middle-Class Outsourcing

An expanding group of American professionals is building support for a January 26 protest against.

CNN’s Acosta: ‘Childish’ Trump Canceled Pelosi’s International Trip During Shutdown  

Thursday on CNN’s “Newsroom,” network chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta called President Donald Trump.

ESPN Host Implies Trump Is a Racist for Serving ‘Predominantly Black’ Players Fast Food

Apparently fresh out of sports takes in the week leading up to the NFL conference.

Freshman Dems Turn on Pelosi Over Border Wall, Seek Deal with Trump

Several freshman Democrat members of the new House of Representatives majority have turned on Speaker.

Why Is Nancy Pelosi Still Getting Paid During Shutdown?

President Donald Trump asked Tuesday why members of Congress like Speaker Nancy Pelosi are still.

Watch Live: Trump Addresses 100th American Farm Bureau Federation Convention

President Donald Trump will address the American Farm Bureau Federation Convention on Monday for its 100th.

Feds Seize Enough Fentanyl in 2018 to Kill Twice the U.S. Population

Federal immigration officials seized enough fentanyl — one of the deadliest drugs in the world.

Trump Says Dem Obstruction on Border Wall ‘Only Politics’ — ‘I Actually Think It’s Bad Politics for Them’

Saturday on Fox News Channel’s “Justice,” President Donald Trump blamed congressional Democrats for the current shutdown.

Battle for Border Wall Rages, Democrats Continue Opposition

As of Saturday, when the partial government shutdown hits day number 22, the government will.

Russia Attacks U.S. over ‘Shameless Attack on Venezuelan Sovereignty’

Russia’s Foreign Ministry accused the United States of engaging in “shameless” attempts to violate Venezuela’s sovereignty in.

Nancy Pelosi Pushes ‘Technological Wall’ Instead of a Fence

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is reviving the establishment’s “virtual wall” policy on the southern border to.

Sharpton: ‘Only Real Emergency’ Is Getting Trump ‘Out of Office’

Wednesday on the “Tom Joyner Morning Show,” MSNBC host Al Sharpton commented on President Donald.

Steve Cohen Implies Trump’s ‘Audience’ Is ‘Similar’ to Ku Klux Klan

Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) implied that President Donald Trump’s Tuesday-night Oval Office address resembled Ku.

Chinese Official Confesses to Trading Sex for Smuggling Goods

A Chinese official named Guan Zhaojin, formerly head of customs in the busy port city.

All Major Networks to Air Trump’s Oval Office Address on Border Security

According to new reports, every major news network plans to televise President Trump’s first address.

‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Wins Big at Golden Globes, 'Star Is Born' Snubbed

NEW YORK (AP) — In a Golden Globes chock full of upsets, the Freddie Mercury.

Biden Blames ‘Conservative Blonde Woman’ for Shutdown

In an interview with CNN Friday, former Vice President Joe Biden accused talk radio giant.

Third Accusation of Sex Abuse Surfaces Against McCarrick

The Vatican is now investigating three separate charges of homosexual abuse against former Cardinal Theodore.

U.S. Military Tired of Iraq, Afghanistan’s ‘Occupation’

The vast majority of U.S. service members and veterans believe the American “occupation” of Iraq.

‘We’re Gonna Impeach the Motherf**ker.’

On her first day as a new member of the United States House of Representatives,.

Arm Law-Abiding Brazilians for Self-Defense

Brazil’s new President Jair Bolsonaro notes that “hoodlums already have guns” and demands changes to.

RNC’s McDaniel Calls Uncle Romney’s Anti-Trump Op-Ed ‘Disappointing’

Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna McDaniel criticized her uncle, incoming Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT), on.

10 Times President Trump Honored the Military

President Trump has always shown a fondness for the military rank-and-file, often saluting the Marines.

STRATCOM Removes New Year’s Eve Post About Dropping Bombs

The U.S. Strategic Command (STRATCOM), a unified military command responsible for overseeing nuclear weapons, deleted a New.

New Year’s Eve Times Square Ball Drop Dedicated to ‘Press Freedom’

The committee in charge of putting on the iconic ball drop in New York City’s.

Jerry Brown: Climate Change Is an 'Enemy' as Devastating as 'Nazis'

Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Gov. Jerry Brown (D-CA) said climate change was “very much.

Gov Writes ‘Stolen Election’ on Note Certifying Democrat’s Election Win

Outgoing Maine Gov. Paul LePage decided to troll a Democratic candidate who won a House.

Vape Store Clerk Has Meltdown over Customer Wearing Trump Shirt

A store clerk at a vape store was fired Friday evening after he was caught.

Shutdown: Democrats Confident Trump Will Crack

Democrats are said to be confident that they will win the shutdown over border security.

CNN’s Don Lemon on Trump Iraq Visit: ‘He’s Like the Grinch’ Who ‘Stole Christmas’ from the Troops

Wednesday, CNN’s Don Lemon reacted to President Donald Trump’s surprise visit to the troops in.

Kentucky Man Charged After Attacking Partner with Christmas Ham

David Brannon attacked his significant other with a ham during an argument about which day.

New York Times Salutes the Christmas Spirit of Hezbollah

In a bizarre article published on Christmas Eve, the New York Times saluted the murderous.

Pope Urges Nations to Celebrate Diversity on Christmas

In his yearly Christmas message, Pope Francis urged the world to celebrate differences among people.

U.S. Taxpayers Billed $115M to Study Quails on Cocaine, Donkey Hunting

Both Democrat and Republican political establishments have decried the cost of President Trump’s proposed U.S.-Mexico.

WATCH: Falcons Punter Matt Bosher Destroys Panthers’ Kenjon Barner on Kickoff

Dec. 23 (UPI) — Atlanta Falcons punter and kickoff specialist Matt Bosher delivered a huge hit on Carolina.

I Gave Jim Mattis A Second Chance after Barack Obama Fired Him

President Donald Trump said he gave Gen. Jim Mattis a “second chance” after he was.

Washington Post Reporter Fails to End Vet’s Wall Funding Campaign

A reporter with the left-wing Washington Post disapproves of a triple-amputee veteran’s Go Fund Me campaign to.

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Has Cancer-Growth Removal

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, still recovering from a fall and broken ribs, had.

Art Arthur: 'Unclear' if Judge's Ruling Requires Return of All Deported Asylum Seekers

Former immigration judge Art Arthur said it is “unclear” if a federal court ruling on.

Senate Passes Stop-Gap Spending Bill to Avoid Shutdown, Wall Fight

The Senate passed a short-term spending bill on Wednesday night that would avoid a government.

Report: Facebook Let Netflix and Spotify Read Users’ Private Messages

Embattled social giant Facebook granted its business partners Spotify and Netflix the ability to read.

Facebook Blocks Christmas Ads from 'Christ Centered Gamer'

Facebook recently refused to run Christ buying guide advertisements from Christian gaming review website “Christ.

Dems Funded ‘Wall’ Under Bush, Obama–Refuse Same Barrier to Trump

Many House and Senate Democrats voted to fund the same bollard-style fencing constructed by Presidents.

Disneyland Parade Float Collapses, Santa Dangles from Sled

A parade float at Disneyland collapsed on Saturday during the California theme park’s Christmas parade,.

Pollak: Trump Should Champion Bipartisan Compromises — and Dare Democrats to Refuse

President Donald Trump described his border wall policy last Thursday, derided by Democrats today as.

Three Sex Offenders Arrested in Single Day After Crossing Texas Border

Rio Grande Valley Sector Border Patrol agents stopped three sex offenders from successfully re-entering the.

Sinaloa Cartel Fentanyl Lab Busted in Mexican City Hall Building

Mexican federal investigators discovered an active fentanyl lab belonging to the Sinaloa Cartel in Mexico.

Trump Urges Democrats to Avoid Potential Partial Government Shutdown

Donald Trump prodded Democrats to vote for more border security on Thursday, rather than allow.

Exclusive — Mexican Cartel Boss to Be Extradited to U.S. for Role in Texas Assassination

MONTERREY, Nuevo Leon – A top-ranking cartel boss who allegedly played a key role in.

MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski Makes Homophobic Remark, Calls Mike Pompeo ‘Wannabe Dictator’s Butt-Boy’

MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski had to apologize for what some perceived to be a homophobic joke.

PHOTOS: First Lady Melania Trump Embraces Children at Toys for Tots Drive

First lady Melania Trump joined military children and their families and donated 100 books Tuesday.

Volunteer Shot Campaigning for Chicago City Council Candidate

A volunteer for Chicago City Council candidate Joseph Williams was shot while videoing himself interacting.

Elon Musk: ‘I Have No Respect for the SEC’

Tesla CEO Elon Musk sat down with Leslie Stahl for CBS’s “60 Minutes” in an interview.

Parkland Parents Outraged After Students Given Assignment on Shooter

Parkland parents are outraged over the fact that students in the Broward County School district.

Melania Trump Stays Elegant in Winter Black Wardrobe

Throughout the past week of mourning for President George H.W. Bush, First Lady Melania Trump.

Prosecutors Paint Michael Cohen as a Liar – But Rely on Him for Anti-Trump Charges

NEW YORK — The nearly 40-page sentencing memo from New York prosecutors claiming that President.

Kevin Hart Steps Down as Oscars Host Amid Outcry over Old Gay Jokes

Comedian and A-list actor Kevin Hart announced early Friday morning that he “made the choice.

Michael Avenatti to Pay $160k/Month in Divorce Settlement

Michael Avenatti, the anti-Trump attorney best known for representing porn star Stormy Daniels, will be.

Border Patrol Agent Hospitalized Following Contact with Powdery Substance

A Tucson Sector Border Patrol agent had to be taken to a hospital on Monday.

United States and China Snub United Nations Climate Talks

Both the United States and China have snubbed the latest round of United Nations climate.

Banning ‘Hate, Division’ Is ‘Right Thing to Do’

Apple CEO Tim Cook advocated for censorship of “those who push hate [and] division” across.

Steelers Fans Brawl After Shocking ‘Sunday Night Football’ Loss

‘Tis the season for brothers in humanity and brothers in sports, to come together and.

President Trump and First Lady Melania Wish Jews a Happy Hanukkah

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump wished Jews a “Happy Hanukkah” on Sunday,.

Brazil’s Populist Minister Slams Climate Alarmism as ‘Marxist Ideology’

Brazil’s new foreign minister said this week that his “main mission” in office is to.

Bush Family Mourns Passing of Patriarch, 41st POTUS George H.W. Bush

The Bush family mourned the loss of their family patriarch, former President George Herbert Walker Bush,.

Report: Google Engineer Advocates Burying Breitbart, Conservative Sites to ‘Reverse Things’ in 2020

A recent report claims that Google employees internally discussed burying search results for conservative media.

Exclusive–Kris Kobach: 'Imperative No One' from Caravan Enter U.S.

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach says it is “imperative” that “no one” from a.

Flake Votes ‘No’ on Judges, Grassley Cancels Votes for 2018

WASHINGTON, DC – Outgoing Never Trump Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) is voting against all judicial.

Report: Friction Between Mueller, Manafort Teams Led to Plea Deal Collapse

Manafort’s lawyers kept an agreement with Trump’s lawyers after accepting a plea deal with Mueller,.

Four U.S. Troops Killed in Four Days in Afghanistan

The U.S. military announced Tuesday that three U.S. service members were killed in Afghanistan and.

Army Ranger Sgt. Leandro Jasso Killed in Afghanistan on Saturday

Army Ranger Sgt. Leandro A.S. Jasso, 25, was killed in Afghanistan early Saturday, bringing the.

Claim: Chinese Scientist Helps Create World’s First Genetically Edited Babies

HONG KONG (AP) — A Chinese researcher claims that he helped make the world’s first.

May’s ‘Worst Deal in History’ with EU Officially Signed

BRUSSELS (AP) – European Council President Donald Tusk says the European Union has approved a Brexit.

Washington Post: Human Smugglers Reward Migrants Who Bring Children to the Border

Human smugglers slash their $10,000 per-person price when migrants bring children up to the U.S..

Congress Should Debate Why America Has Active Combat Troops Across 17 Different Nations

The following post is sponsored by The Committee for Responsible Foreign Policy (CRFP). Reps. Ro.

Conservative Activist Laura Loomer Banned From Twitter After Criticizing Congresswoman-Elect Ilhan Omar

Laura Loomer was banned from Twitter on Wednesday. Source link

Police: 24 Arrested for Carrying Out $50,000 Food Stamp Fraud

Authorities arrested and charged two dozen people for carrying out $50,000 worth of food stamp.

Chief Justice John Roberts Pushes Back Against Trump's 'Obama Judge' Remark

WASHINGTON — Chief Justice John Roberts is pushing back against President Donald Trump’s description of.

Nancy Pelosi Puts Down Marcia Fudge’s Rebellion

House Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi crushed an intra-Democrat revolt against her bid to retake the.

Report: New Jersey Jail Refused 92 Detainer Requests for Criminal Illegal Aliens

A New Jersey county jail refused 92 immigration detainer requests for criminal illegal aliens to.

‘I Have Served the Purpose I Came Here For’

Brenda Snipes submitted her resignation as the elections supervisor of Broward County, Florida. Her decision.

Crime Plummets After QuikTrip Stores Add Good Guys with Guns

QuikTrip convenience stores added good guys with guns in Wichita, Kansas, and the results were.

After Recount, Democrat Gillum Concedes Florida Governor Race to Republican DeSantis

After a strenuous recount process that ended Thursday, Democrat Andrew Gillum has thrown in the.

Number of Missing Soars Past 1,000 as Death Toll Hits 71

CHICO, Calif. (AP) — With the confirmed death toll at 71 and the list of unaccounted.

WikiLeaks: Julian Assange Charged in U.S.

(AFP) — WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who was behind a massive dump of classified US documents.

Ocasio-Cortez Demands 100% Renewable Energy in 10 Years

U.S. Representative-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is demanding that the U.S. commit to shifting 100% of its.

Michael Avenatti Arrested in Alleged Domestic Violence Incident

Television lawyer Michael Avenatti was arrested Wednesday following an alleged domestic violence dispute, law enforcement confirmed.

Pink's Husband Warns: Wildfire Looters 'Will Be Shot on Sight'

Pink’s husband Carey Hart is warning that looters who try to take advantage of California.

Police Allegedly Shoot, Kill Security Guard Who Stopped Bar Shooting

Police in the Chicago suburb of Midlothian allegedly shot and killed a security guard who.

Vice Media to Lose $50 Million, Cut Staff by 15 Percent

Vice Media is on track to lose $50 million this year and plans to cut.

Strong Wind Gusts Return to Scorched Parts of Southern California

MALIBU, Calif. (AP) — Strong Santa Ana winds returned to Southern California on Sunday, fanning.

Report: Country Club Bars Man After Calling Tucker Carlson's Daughter a 'C*nt,' 'Whore'

A Virginia country club revoked the membership of a man accused of verbally accosting Tucker Carlson’s.

Matt Gaetz to Ask Judge to Hold Brenda Snipes in Contempt

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) told Fox Business Network’s Lou Dobbs that Broward County Supervisor of Elections Brenda.

Kyrsten Sinema Flips Slight Lead over Martha McSally as Arizona Counts Votes

Democrat Kyrsten Sinema flipped into the lead over Republican Martha McSally late Thursday as votes.

Texas Democrat Celebrates Re-Election in Jail Cell

A convicted Texas Democrat won his race for re-election on Tuesday to state House District.

Ann Coulter: I’m Glad to See the Pro-Amnesty Republicans Go

Ann Coulter joined Breitbart News and SiriusXM Patriot on Tuesday for special coverage of Election Night.

Mitt Romney Easily Takes Utah Senate Seat as Orrin Hatch Retires

Mitt Romney easily won a U.S. Senate seat from Utah on Tuesday, securing a place.