Donald Trump’s Victory Is Revenge of Common Sense

Dr. Sebastian Gorka, a former deputy assistant to President Donald Trump and national security analyst.

Trump Reform Denies Green Cards To People Who Expect Taxpayer Aid

The Department of Homeland Security has released its draft regulation to bar the legal immigration.

Chuck Grassley Gives Kavanaugh’s Accuser More Time After Missed Deadline

Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Chuck Grassley granted another extension to Christine Blasey Ford, the California psychology.

Ivy League Study: Illegal Population is 22 Million, Double Estb. Estimate

The population of illegal migrants is roughly 22 million, or twice the establishment estimate of.

Top Democrat Operative Hired to Advise Kavanaugh Accuser Christine Blasey Ford

Ricki Seidman, a longtime Democrat operative, is advising Christine Blasey Ford, the California professor who recently.

CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin: Kavanaugh ‘Getting Confirmed’ if Accuser Doesn’t Testify

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin said on Wednesday evening that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Donald Trump Slams Jeff Sessions: 'I Don’t Have an Attorney General. It’s Very Sad'

President Donald Trump again expressed regret at his decision to appoint Sen. Jeff Sessions as.

DNC Co-Chair Ellison’s Accuser: Dems Have ‘Smeared, Threatened, Isolated’ Me

Karen Monahan, who has accused former boyfriend Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) of domestic abuse, said that she.

Thandie Newton — ‘I Don’t Even Believe in God but I’m Gonna Thank Her Tonight’

Actress Thandie Newton said that she didn’t “even believe in God” but would “thank her”.

‘Pretend You Give a Sh*t About Women’

Following the release of a Washington Post report accusing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual.

Claim: Former Obama Officials Advising Europe to Evade Iran Sanctions

Richard Goldberg, the Republican political operative who helped coordinate opposition to the Iran deal on.

My Dad Fixed the Economy You Could Not

Donald Trump Jr. told Breitbart News Saturday he is thrilled that former President Barack Obama is.

Video: Latino Refuses Service to American, Says Cannot Speak English

A Spanish-speaking clerk at a Taco Bell in Hialeah city, Florida, refused service to an African-American couple.

Rep. Yoder’s India Lobby Offers $$$ to Jump Line for Green Cards

A group of Indian visa-workers is offering to pay the federal government $1,500 per family.

Google Employees Mocked for ‘Cult-Like’ Propeller Caps

Following Breitbart Tech’s release of a leaked 2016 Google “TGIF” meeting on Wednesday, which showed.

‘Black-ish’ Creator Kenya Barris Rips Politically Correct ABC for Shelving His Anti-Trump Episode

With Kenya Barris now out at ABC and headed for Netflix, in a reported $100.

Over 30,000 Displaced from Idlib Already, Syria Faces ‘Worst Catastrophe’

The U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said on Monday that over.

Hurricane Florence Nears Category 5 Strength, Barrels Toward Carolinas

Florence exploded into a potentially catastrophic Category 4 hurricane Monday as it closed in on.

Report: DeSantis to 'Immediately' Resign from Congress to Focus on FL Gubernatorial Campaign

Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) will reportedly resign from his post as the representative for Florida’s.

Ann Coulter to Trump: ‘Bring Our Troops Home, Put Them on the Border’

New York Times best-selling author and populist conservative columnist Ann Coulter says President Trump must follow.

Never Trump” Ben Sasse ‘Regularly’ Considers Leaving Republican Party

Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE), one of the Republican Party’s staunchest critics of President Donald Trump.

Business-First GOP Prepares Post-Election Border-Wall Trap for Trump

Business-first GOP leaders are walking President Donald Trump into a post-election trap where he will.

Watch: Angel Families Hold Rally to Combat Illegal Immigration

Angel Families have gathered at the U.S. Capitol for a rally titled “The Negative Impact.

Twitter Permanently Blacklists Alex Jones, Infowars

Twitter on Thursday permanently banned accounts belonging to Alex Jones and Infowars over a video of.

Nike Becomes Face of Social Justice Left Despite History Employing Slave Labor

Despite having a long, documented history of allegedly employing workers at slave wages, the multinational.

South Africa in Recession After Land Threat: 'Shocking Drop in Agriculture'

South Africa slid into an official recession Tuesday. The main culprit was a sharp contraction.

Watch: Cornyn Accuses Dem Colleagues of Mob Rule

Tuesday at Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing for the Supreme Court, Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) accused his Democratic.

‘Well Done, Colin’ — John Brennan Gushes Over Colin Kaepernick’s Nike Campaign

Former CIA director John Brennan, now an MSNBC commentator and frequent critic of President Donald.

Gillum: Medicare for All Won’t Work in Florida Alone, We’d Need ‘Confederation of States’

On Wednesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Cuomo Primetime,” Tallahassee Mayor and Florida Democratic Gubernatorial nominee Andrew Gillum.

‘No Plans’ to Suspend Future Military Exercises on Korean Peninsula

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis announced Tuesday the U.S. has “no plans” to suspend future large.

Cody Wilson to Distribute 3D-Printed Gun Code on Mailed Flash Drives

Defense Distributed’s Cody Wilson announced the launch of a new site that will distribute 3D-printed.

Jake Tapper Praises ‘Golden Age of Journalism,’ Trump Policies ‘Built’ on ‘Racism’

CNN’s Jake Tapper described some of President Donald Trump’s policies as being built on “racism”.

David Hogg Reacts to Jacksonville Attack by Going After NRA

Gun control activist David Hogg reacted to the firearm attack in Jacksonville, Florida, by going.

‘Today We Lost an American Original’

Sarah Palin, former Alaska governor and 2008 vice presidential candidate, called her former running mate.

Tech Mogul John McAfee: ‘If We Are All Armed, We Are All Equal’

Tech mogul John McAfee personally stays armed 24/7 and wholeheartedly believes, “If we are all.

Videos—Hawaii's Big Island Flooded as Hurricane Lane Approaches

Hurricane Lane barreled toward Hawaii on Friday, dumping torrential rains that inundated the Big Island’s.

Illegal Alien Accused of Murdering Mollie Tibbetts Has an Anchor Baby

The illegal alien accused of murdering 20-year-old college student Mollie Tibbetts and leaving her body.

Russia Invites Taliban to Peace Talks in Moscow

Russia invited both the Afghan government and the Taliban to September 4 peace talks in.

Professor Christina Greer Apologizes for Calling Mollie Tibbetts ‘Just Some Girl from Iowa’

Fordham University professor Christina Greer came under fire and subsequently apologized for minimizing the tragedy.

Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) Indicted for Misusing Campaign Funds

A federal grand jury indicted Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) and his wife on Tuesday evening.

Protesters Destroy 'Silent Sam' Confederate Monument on UNC Campus

On Monday evening, a large group of protesters destroyed a 105-year-old Confederate statue named “Silent.

Report: #MeToo Activist Asia Argento Settled Underage Sex Complaint with Actor Cast as Her Son

Italian actress Asia Argento — one of the most prominent activists of the #MeToo movement.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey: Company Bias ‘Left-Leaning’ but Enforcement Is Fair

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey admitted during an interview on Saturday that his company holds a.

Virginia Democrat Mark Warner Surprise Force Behind Masters of the Universe Crackdown on Speech

Twitter this week suspended InfoWars host Alex Jones for seven days for what it said.