Joe Biden to Give Illegals Free Healthcare, But Not Americans

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden will give better, cheaper healthcare benefits to illegal aliens than.

Fact-Checking Trump’s Claim That He ‘Prepaid Millions’ in Income Taxes

As the Biden campaign has sought to make an issue of the $750 income tax.

Biden Campaign Got Big Social Media Boost from Fake Indian Accounts

A recent report from Newsweek claims that the Biden campaign received a sizable boost across.

New Jersey Officials Open Investigation Into ‘Trump Train’ Parkway Actions

New Jersey law enforcement officials have opened an investigation into supporters of President Donald Trump.

One Dead, Several Injured By Multiple Gunmen in Vienna

Police in the Austrian capital of Vienna launched a manhunt Monday evening after a synagogue.

As Election Day Arrives, Trump Shifts Between Combativeness and Grievance

There was a fleeting effort to bring in a new voice as recently as three.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Calls NYC Trump Caravan a ‘Pileup of Chumps’

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) referred to a pro-Trump caravan spotted in New York City as.

NYPD Arrests 11 After Cops, Anti-Trump Protesters Clash in NYC

Cops and anti-Trump protesters clashed with each other in New York City on Sunday afternoon,.

Joe Biden Campaign Won’t Say if He’ll Cooperate with FBI Probe on Son

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s presidential campaign refuses to say whether the candidate will cooperate.

Kenosha Violence Could Be the Difference in Trump Winning Wisconsin

Former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) argued Sunday on New York AM WABC 770 radio’s “The.

PA House Candidate Sean Parnell’s Home Vandalized: ‘I Will Not Cower’

Pennsylvania U.S. House candidate Sean Parnell (R) condemned political violence and vowed not to back.

‘Not All Democrats Are Socialists, But All Socialists Are Democrats’

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) delivered a rousing address to tens of thousands of Trump supporters.

Crowd Goes Nuts for Ivanka Trump in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Ivanka Trump, the White House aide and daughter of President Donald Trump, drew a packed.

Trump Supporters Gather for ‘Midnight Special II’ Rally in Florida

Tens of thousands of supporters of President Donald Trump gathered Sunday at the Miami-Opa Locka Executive.

Donald Trump Invites Pastor Franklin Graham to Pray at North Carolina Rally

President Donald Trump Sunday invited Pastor Franklin Graham up to the podium at his rally.

In Dash to Finish, Biden and Trump Set Up Showdown in Pennsylvania

PHILADELPHIA — As the national early vote climbs past a staggering 93 million and challenges.

Good Samaritans Save Women Trapped in Burning Car

Several Good Samaritans are being praised for rescuing two women from a burning car after.

Biden Heading to Pittsburgh After Losing Major Endorsement to Trump

Joe Biden, the Democrat nominee, is making a last-minute visit to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on the.

Ravens’ Matthew Judon Ejected After Punching Referee in the Arm

Baltimore Ravens linebacker Matthew Judon was ejected Sunday for contact with a ref during the.

‘I Like That It’s Aimed Toward Black Americans, That’s the Key’

Rapper, actor, and Big3 basketball league founder Ice Cube dismissed criticism of his work with.

Antifa Protesters Shine Lights into Homes Shouting ‘Wake Up, Mother F**ckers’

Antifa protesters harassed residents of mid-rise homes in Vancouver, Washington, after police declared their “anti-capitalist,”.

Trump’s Comments on Doctors Inflating Coronavirus Deaths ‘Such a Stupid Thing to Say’

Governor Tony Evers (D-WI) Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union” called President Donald Trump’s.

Kamala Harris Gave Plea Deal to Illegal Before He Killed Drew Rosenberg

In the first week of November 2010, then-San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris won her.

‘We Want Him to Win’

A huge group of Americans joined a parade Friday in Houston, Texas, to show their.

Dishonesty Has Defined the Trump Presidency. The Consequences Could Be Lasting.

Scientists have concluded that 130,000 lives could be saved in the United States in the.

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