How can we reduce our exposure to potentially harmful aluminum?

A new report carried out by German officials suggests that even though exposure to dangerous.

Itchy face: Causes, symptoms, and treatment

A person may experience an itching sensation, or pruritus, on their face for a number.

Bacitracin vs. Neosporin: Differences, pros, and cons

Neosporin is a brand of triple-antibiotic ointment. It contains bacitracin zinc, neomycin sulfate, and polymyxin.

Early signs, pictures, and more

Some forms of breast cancer cause no symptoms in the initial stages, so it is.

Oscillopsia: Causes, symptoms, and treatment

Oscillopsia is the sensation that the surrounding environment is constantly in motion when it is,.

What does a hot flash feel like? Signs and symptoms

Hot flashes are common during menopause, as well as in perimenopause, which is the stage.

Period headaches: Causes, symptoms, and treatment

Many people experience headaches around the time of their periods. These headaches can be severe.

Tongue piercing healing: Day by day

A tongue piercing creates a wound in one of the most bacteria-filled parts of the.

Marathon running may reverse a risky part of the aging process

People have long been aware of the benefits of exercise. Now, a new study finds.

Could some antibiotics help treat early onset dementia?

The symptoms of frontotemporal, or early onset, dementia can appear as early as age 40..

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