Man will approve haircut unless an ear has been cut off

A MAN receiving a haircut has confirmed he will nod appreciatively when the barber asks.

Indonesia police apologise for using snake in Papua interrogation

JAKARTA (Reuters) – Indonesian police have apologised and pledged disciplinary action after officers draped a.

Feminist going a bit too far for male friends’ liking

A WOMAN’S liberal-minded male friends feel a bit uncomfortable about some of her feminist views.

Kenyans charged with imitating president to con businessmen

NAIROBI (Reuters) – A Kenyan court charged seven men on Wednesday for impersonating President Uhuru.

How to choose your workplace nemesis

HAVING a sworn enemy to detest and undermine certainly makes slow days at work go.

Toronto police probe hurling of chair from high-rise balcony

TORONTO (Reuters) – Toronto police said on Monday they are investigating an incident of a.

Key to happy relationship is remembering you obviously can’t do any better

THE key to a happy relationship is reminding yourself that you cannot possibly do any.

Fake Kim goes as real Kim comes: Vietnam expels Kim Jong Un lookalike

HANOI (Reuters) – An Australian comedian who impersonates North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said.

‘Predator’ to win all film awards for 30th consecutive year

PREDATOR is set to continue its unbroken run of winning every film prize since 1988..

'Tinder for cows' matches livestock in the mood for love

A Tinder-inspired app is helping farmers match up potential partners for their cattle. Source Tweet

Man stupidly asks elderly parents to buy wine

A MAN foolishly asked his parents who rarely drink alcohol to buy a bottle of.

As Trump and Kim prepare for summit, bars in Vietnam serve ‘Peace Negroniations’

HANOI (Reuters) – Kim Jong Ale? Rock It, Man? Or how about a glass of.

Look at the size of this f**king bee, say scientists

AN absolutely massive bee has been found in a remote region of Indonesia by a.

We’ve got this mountain of trash – why don’t we ski down it?

COPENHAGEN (Reuters) – What to do with the mountain of garbage a major metropolitan area.

How to tell if your date is a psycho from the contents of their fridge

ARE you at a date’s home and trying to work out if they’re completely mental?.

Big thaw hits Harbin ice sculptures in China

Security lines are seen set up for protecting visitors from falling ice from melting ice.

Hazard lights used sarcastically

A MOTORIST hopes the driver behind, who did not intend to allow her into traffic.

Just lie, dating experts advise

DATING experts have advised anyone looking for romance to lie through their teeth.  Researchers found.

👉 Circular Saw Kickback Killer (We used science to make tools safer) – Smarter Every Day 209 via

👉 Circular Saw Kickback Killer (We used science to make tools safer) – Smarter Every.

👉 Their Home Survived The Camp Fire But Their Insurance Did Not via

👉 Their Home Survived The Camp Fire But Their Insurance Did Not via Source.

👉 Colin Kaepernick's All Smiles with His Legal Team After NFL Settlement via

👉 Colin Kaepernick's All Smiles with His Legal Team After NFL Settlement via Source.

Subway Commuters Come Together For A ‘Bodack Yellow’ Dance Party–And It’s Peak NYC

You can hate the public transportation system, you can hate how fabulous some people pretend.

This Guy Recorded His Morning Commute In LA During The Fires And It Is Terrifying

And the ongoing mass fires in Los Angeles and Ventura county are some of the.

High School Diver's Competition Dive Goes Very Wrong–And We're Chuckling

Here’s a little known fact: Jason Statham was once a competitive diver. That’s right. The.

Gwendoline Christie Once Got A Selfie Request During A Very Private Moment—And We’re Cringing

As a man, I don’t think I’ve ever been asked for selfies by the people.

Little Girl Gets Instant Noodles For Christmas And Her Reaction Is Priceless

If there’s one thing that kids train from an early age it’s their enthusiasm. It’s.

These Wendy's Training Videos From The '80s Are Filled With Songs About Serving Food

Wendy’s hasn’t just been killing the social media game recently, in fact, it turns out.

The Best (and Worst) Reactions to Drake’s New Album Scorpion

If you’ve been following news of everything Drake in the past few months, then you.

Kids Made Terrifying Cards for This Nursing Home

Kids are cute. They’re so cute we don’t even notice what little sociopaths they are.

Paris Hilton Asks Twitter to Tell Her Something She Doesn’t Know

The art of being famous simply for trying hard to become famous isn’t anything new..

This Woman Found Out Her Boyfriend Was Cheating From A Jimmy John's Delivery Guy

There are some employees who go above and beyond to help a customer, even when.

Chrissy Teigen Starts Basketball Rumor About LeBron James And It Ends Up Being True

Chrissy Teigen‘s not just a model, TV personality, amazing cook with a penchant for delicious.