Multi String Bikini 2014

The New Multi String Bikini is in this summer!! GO PIN IT!  source.

Beach Blonde

Beach Blonde Hair, Bold Eye Makeup and Colorful Swimwear!Pin It!!!! source.

Psychology Life Hacks for Social Situations — Cure Anxiety, Make Friends

As much as modern society would love to further withdraw into their homes while living.

Elon Musk isn’t just gifting us awesome cars, he’s got great meme material too.

Elon Musk is always making headlines. Whether it’s for selling flamethrowers or dating Grimes, the.

Kim Kardashians “crime scene pose” sparked off a whole trend of photoshop memes.

Although I’ve never met Kim and have no reason to defend the woman, I have.

People Are Sharing Their Seventh Grade Tattoo Ideas and the Results Are Hilarious

Honestly, the bummer about tattoos is that good ones frequently get overlooked while bad tattoos.

Hollywood Age Gaps — Celebrity Men and Their Younger Girlfriends

Celebrity men chasing after younger women is sort of a Hollywood cliché, but time and.

DNA Kits Are Being Used to Solve True Crime Cases

A breakthrough in DNA technology has been the key to solving decades worth of unsolved.

Guy Definitively Wins Online Dating With Amazing Sonnet That Packs a Secret Message

If there’s one person on Bumble who deserves a super swipe, it’s this gentlemen right.

Hilarious Memes of Ray J’s Moving Hat Take Over on Social Media

Ray J once again broke the internet. But this time, he didn’t get help from.

Dr. Now’s ‘600-lb Life’ Diet Plan Is a Great Place to Start Losing Weight

For patients on My 600-lb Life, change begins with Dr. Younan Nowrazadan. While, of course,.

How to Get a McDonald’s Gold Card and Free Food for Life!

What’s better than McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce? How about a gold card that gives you McDonald’s.

Best Back-to-School Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Summer is coming to an end (we’re in denial too) so that means parents and.

Woman Captures Bible Group 'Mob' Crashing Airbnb and Stealing From the Bathroom

There’s been no shortage of Airbnb nightmare experiences, but this latest one that popped up.

Why Did the ‘Sister Wives’ Stars Move to Arizona? Find Out!

They’re making moves! Sister Wives star Kody Brown and his loyal family of four wives.

Beyonce Stealing From Other Artists — From Song Credits to Choreography

I don’t think it’s shocking news when artists don’t write their own music — it’s.

Sometimes a Good Product Just Isn’t Enough

If there’s one thing that we’ve learned about the success of a product – it’s.

How to Follow All the Pretty Little Mamas on Social Media

If you love Teen Mom but are still having The Hills withdrawals — you’re in.

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