‘Wizard’ arrested after hack of most Bulgarian taxpayers’ details | News

A 20-year-old Bulgarian cybersecurity worker was arrested on suspicion of involvement in a major hacking.

US slaps sanctions on Myanmar army chief over Rohingya abuses | News

The United States has announced sanctions on Myanmar‘s military Commander-in-Chief Min Aung Hlaing and three.

Religious restrictions on the rise globally: report | News

Religious restrictions are on the rise across the globe amid increasing violence and harassment of.

Iran hits back at US demands on ballistic missiles, proxy groups | News

Iran has hit back at US President Donald Trump’s call for new nuclear negotiations that.

Malaysia parliament to debate move to lower voting age to 18 | News

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Malaysia’s parliament will begin debating legislation on Tuesday to allow 18-year-olds.

El Salvador rape victim jailed for stillbirth goes on trial again | El Salvador News

San Salvador, El Salvador – Evelyn Hernandez, a 21-year-old rape survivor, is set to go.

Powerful earthquake rocks parts of eastern Indonesia | News

A strong, shallow earthquake has struck eastern Indonesia, killing at least one person, damaging some.

Cricket: England beat New Zealand to win World Cup | News

World Cup winners 1975 – West Indies 1979 – West Indies1983 – India1987 – Australia1992 –.

Barry weakens but Louisiana authorities warn threat remains | News

Slow-moving tropical storm Barry has weakened after making landfall in Louisiana, but authorities in the.

Why is Turkey’s purchase of Russian weapons controversial? | USA

A battle appears to be looming within the western world’s most important military alliance. The.

UK police warning to media over leaked memos stirs anger | News

Senior British politicians, including both contenders to be the next prime minister, joined journalists on.

The informal networks resisting Honduras’s abortion ban | Honduras

Tegucigalpa, Honduras – At 22 years old, Ana Padilla was certain of one thing: she.

Suicide attack at Somalia hotel followed by gunfire | Somalia News

A car bomb went off in a hotel in Somalia‘s port city of Kismayuo where.

Sudan’s ruling military council says coup attempt foiled | News

Sudan‘s ruling military council (TMC) says it has foiled an attempted military coup and at.

Ghana’s president wants Africa-Europe relationship to change | Colonialism News

Africa must change its relationship with Europe if it wants to become self-reliant and exploit.

Ex-UN chief joins chorus of concern over floods at Rohingya camps | News

Former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has added his voice to growing concerns that monsoon floods.

US wants Senate-approved deal with Iran: US envoy Brian Hook | News

The Trump administration wants a Senate-approved agreement with Iran to replace the 2015 nuclear deal that.

After ISIL, children try to catch up with school in Mosul | ISIS/ISIL News

Mosul, Iraq – It was the end of the school year and the students at.

US wants military coalition to safeguard waters off Iran, Yemen | Iran News

The United States says it is working to form a military coalition to protect commercial.

Israel’s separation wall endures, 15 years after ICJ ruling | News

In the occupied West Bank, the long, concrete separation wall winds through the landscape, slicing.

Turkey seeks to arrest hundreds over alleged Gulen links | News

Turkish prosecutors have ordered the arrest of nearly 200 serving military personnel and several civilians.

Iran: World powers won’t get a better nuclear deal | USA News

Iran warned world powers they will not be able to negotiate a better deal than.

Iran passes new nuclear deal limit as China blames US for crisis | News

Iran has passed the uranium enrichment cap set in its 2015 nuclear deal, marking the second.

Trump hits back at UK envoy who called White House ‘inept’ | Trump News

US President Donald Trump has hit back at the British ambassador to the United States, saying.

Indonesia: Tsunami warning issued after strong earthquake | News

Indonesian authorities have issued a tsunami warning after a strong earthquake struck in the Molucca.

Anti-racists outnumber far-right Proud Boys at DC rally | USA News

Washington, DC – Counterprotesters outnumbered members of the far-right Proud Boys group and their supporters.

How can modern slavery be stopped? | UK

They were told they’d get jobs and money and enjoy a new lifestyle. But hundreds.

Media haven or hell? The paradox of journalism in Turkey | Turkey

In this special edition of the show, we hear from two groups of exiled journalists:.

Rival rallies held on Venezuela’s independence day | Juan Guaido News

Venezuela‘s bitterly divided political factions have held competing commemorations of the country’s independence, one led.

Can a Corbyn-Sturgeon alliance save Brexit Britain from itself? | UK

At the start of June, when he was still in the running to replace Theresa.

‘State-in-waiting’: Papua’s rebels unite against Indonesia rule | News

Jakarta, Indonesia – The three main armed separatist groups in West Papua have joined forces.

Meet Pakistan’s blind cricketers | Pakistan News

On a standard cricket field with a 22-yard pitch, two teams field 11 players each.