As domestic abuse rises in lockdown, France to fund hotel rooms | Coronavirus pandemic News

France has said it would pay for hotel rooms for victims of domestic violence and.

Coronavirus: Philippines poor suffer after closures | News

The Philippines’ most populous island, Luzon, has been under quarantine for two weeks. That has.

Global race to find coronavirus vaccine

Countries around the world race to find a vaccine as UK sees calls for volunteers.

New York governor begs for help as coronavirus death toll climbs | USA News

New York’s governor put out an urgent plea for medical volunteers, and a Navy hospital.

Trumps flags tougher coronavirus curbs for US: Live updates | News

The United States might toughen movement restrictions to curb the spread of coronavirus, with the.

Mexico president defends meeting mother of ‘El Chapo’ | Mexico News

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador on Monday defended his weekend handshake with the mother.

Judge stops Texas from curbing abortions during COVID-19 crisis | USA News

A United States judge on Monday blocked Texas officials from banning most abortions in the.

Nigeria announces lockdown of major cities to curb coronavirus | Nigeria News

Nigeria implemented a sweeping quarantine for three major states that are home to almost 30 million.

Who is Dr Anthony Fauci, the US’s trusted voice on coronavirus? | News

If Dr Anthony Fauci says it, Americans would be smart to listen. As the coronavirus.

Saudi king offers to pay for coronavirus patients’ treatment | Saudi Arabia News

Saudi Arabia will finance treatment for anyone infected with the coronavirus in the country, the.