Outgoing US ambassador to China will help Republican campaigns | News

Outgoing United States Ambassador to China Terry Branstad says he will help out Republicans campaigning.

Opposition leader Soro warns Ivory Coast ‘on brink’ ahead of poll | News

Former rebel leader Guillaume Soro has warned that Ivory Coast is teetering on the edge.

‘There will be blood’: Xenophobia in S Africa routine and lethal | South Africa News

Sleeping was not an option for Syed in early September last year. For three days.

Red Cross warns of COVID-19 fuelling discrimination in Asia | Malaysia News

A new survey has found that nearly one in two people in Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar and Pakistan.

‘End of the road’ for pro-India politicians in Kashmir | India News

Srinagar, Indian-administered Kashmir – Sakina Itoo used to motivate Kashmiris to believe that India is.

As Europe’s China scepticism grows, a glimmer of hope for Taiwan | News

Taipei, Taiwan – When Czech Senate speaker Milos Vystrcil declared “I am Taiwanese” during a.

Trump contradicts CDC chief on coronavirus vaccine: Live news | Coronavirus pandemic News

Hello and welcome to Al Jazeera’s continuing coverage of the coronavirus pandemic. I’m Kate Mayberry in Kuala.

Huge floods, ‘unreal’ rain as Hurricane Sally hits US Gulf Coast | News

Hurricane Sally uprooted trees, flooded streets and cut power to hundreds of thousands of homes.

WHO warns Latin America reopening too soon amid COVID-19 risk | News

Latin America has started to resume normal social and public life at a time when.

US outlines sweeping plan to provide free COVID-19 vaccines | Coronavirus pandemic News

The federal government outlined a sweeping plan Wednesday to make vaccines for COVID-19 available for.

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