MBS in touch with ‘former’ Saudi royal adviser Qahtani: Report | Saudi Arabia News

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman remains in regular contact with his adviser Saud al-Qahtani, accused.

Taiwan to name new cabinet after resignations over poll setbacks | Taiwan News

Taiwan will appoint the ruling pro-independence party’s former chairman as premier, according to official media,.

Venezuela: Maduro begins second term amid increasing isolation | News

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has been sworn in for a new six-year term on Thursday as.

Niger: Europe Migration | Refugee Crisis

Niger has long been a key staging point for migrants and asylum seekers from sub-Saharan.

US shutdown: Trump ‘walks out’ of meeting over border wall funds | Trump News

US President Donald Trump walked out of the meeting with top Democrats on Wednesday, Senate.

Transcript: Dambisa Moyo on rethinking democracy | Business & Economy

Mehdi VO: From the Brexit vote in Britain … Nigel Farage (archive): A victory for.

US-China trade talks extended to third day | China News

Face-to-face trade negotiations between China and the United States will be extended to an unscheduled.

US gov’t shutdown: How long? Who is affected? Why did it begin? | Trump News

Key parts of the US government shut down on December 22 after President Donald Trump.

Rwanda bans skin bleaching products from shops countrywide | Rwanda News

Skin-whitening creams are being removed from shelves in Rwanda as the government enforces a ban.

Brazil’s environmental chief resigns after Bolsonaro criticism | News

The head of Brazil’s environmental protection agency has resigned following criticism from the country’s newly.

What you need to know about the attempted coup in Gabon | News

Residents of Gabon‘s capital Libreville woke up to shots being fired and tanks patrolling streets.

US will ‘assure’ Israel’s security before Syria pullout | Israel News

The withdrawal of US troops from northeastern Syria would take place in a manner that.

Mauritania’s musical tradition kept alive by the internet | Mauritania News

A centuries-old musical tradition is being kept alive in Mauritania thanks to modern technology. It.

DR Congo on edge as presidential election results delayed | News

Preliminary results from Democratic Republic of Congo‘s tumultuous presidential election will be delayed past Sunday’s.

Why Trump is wrong in mocking India’s Modi on Afghanistan role | Afghanistan News

US President Donald Trump’s comments mocking New Delhi’s role in Afghanistan have drawn widespread ridicule and anger.

US deploys troops to Gabon amid fears of unrest in DRC | DR Congo News

The US military has deployed soldiers to Gabon amid fears of violent protests in neighbouring.

Suspected Ebola patient in Sweden ‘not infected’ | Sweden News

A patient in Sweden who was admitted to hospital with a suspected case of Ebola,.

‘Not sufficient’: UN on Saudi trial into Jamal Khashoggi killing | News

The United Nations‘ human rights office has said it could not assess the fairness of.

Trump and Kim ready to meet again, but what’s changed this time? | News

Six months after his historic summit with Kim Jong-un in Singapore, US President Donald Trump.

US shutdown: Pelosi says Trump can’t persuade Democrats on wall | Trump News

As the partial US government shutdown entered its 13th day, presumptive Speaker of the House.

Chinese probe Chang’e 4 lands on dark side of moon: state media | News

A Chinese probe has made the first-ever landing on the far side of the moon, according to.

Israel to ‘worsen’ conditions for Palestinian prisoners | Israel News

Israeli Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan has announced plans to “worsen” conditions for Palestinian prisoners.

Cuba celebrates 60 years since Castro’s communist revolution | Cuba News

Cuba has celebrated the 60th anniversary of its communist revolution with its leader Raul Castro.

Trump ‘invites congressional leaders to briefing’ amid shutdown | Trump News

US President Donald Trump has invited top congressional leaders to the White House on Wednesday.

US and Israel formally quit UNESCO | News

The United States and Israel have officially quit the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

From Mueller to Saudi Arabia: 10 things to expect from US politics in 2019 | Trump

Washington, DC – From new indictments stemming from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia.

Saddam Hussein’s daughter publishes last message before his death | News

The daughter of the late Iraqi President Saddam Hussein has posted on her Twitter account.

Death toll in Philippines floods, landslides rises to 68 | Philippines News

The death toll from flash floods and landslides caused by torrential rains due to a.

Afghan presidential elections postponed until July 20: official | Afghanistan News

An Afghan official said that presidential elections, which were originally scheduled for coming April, will.

Taliban dismisses Afghanistan’s peace talk offer | Afghanistan News

The Taliban has rejected Kabul’s offer of talks next month in Saudi Arabia where the.

Bangladesh elections: Millions to vote amid threats of violence | Bangladesh News

Dhaka, Bangladesh – Millions of Bangladeshis are set to vote in Sunday’s parliamentary elections amid.

Peru chefs turning scraps into meals

Palmiro Ocampo has cooked for some of the top restaurants in the world, but now,.