Senate Democrats say measure to rein in Trump on Iran will pass | Iran News

US Senate Democrats said on Tuesday they had enough votes in the Republican-controlled Senate to.

Katyusha rockets target Iraqi Taji military camp | News

Katyusha rockets targeted the Taji military camp, located north of Baghdad, on Tuesday but no.

Gunfire erupts in Khartoum as security agents resist reform | News

Heavy gunfire erupted in Sudan’s capital after agents of a feared security service rejected financial.

Sailor kidnappings surge 50% off West Africa | News

The number of sailors kidnapped off West Africa surged by more than 50 percent last.

France, Germany, UK pull diplomatic trigger on Iran deal dispute | Iran News

The European signatories to a nuclear deal signed between Iran and world powers in 2015.

Protesters block roads in Lebanon as anti-gov’t rallies resume | News

Protesters in Lebanon have resumed blocking several major roads in the capital, Beirut, and other.

‘Funeral for public trust’: Iran in new crisis after plane crash | News

Student protests erupted in Tehran on Saturday, shortly after General Amir Ali Hajizadeh, commander of.

Turkey orders 176 soldiers detained over Gulen ties: state media | Turkey News

Turkish prosecutors have ordered the detention of 176 members of the armed forces over suspected.

No breakthrough in Moscow talks for Libya ceasefire deal | News

Hours-long negotiations in Moscow aimed at agreeing on an unconditional and open-ended ceasefire in Libya failed.

Melbourne chokes amid warning massive fires could become routine | Australia News

Australia’s second city of Melbourne was shrouded in hazardous smoke from the country’s raging bushfires.