Ecuador’s Moreno, indigenous groups reach deal to end protests | Ecuador News

Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno and leaders of the country’s indigenous peoples have struck a deal to.

Japan begins clean up after Typhoon Hagibis leaves dozens dead | Japan News

Tens of thousands of troops and rescue workers worked through the dawn in Japan on.

Has UAE gone too far in lobbying against Al Jazeera? | Al Jazeera

The United Arab Emirates is reportedly running a campaign to have Al Jazeera registered as a.

Syrian army to deploy along Turkey border as US orders pullback | News

Syrian government troops will deploy along the border with Turkey to help Kurdish fighters fend.

US officer kills black woman inside her home after welfare call | USA News

An African American woman has been fatally shot in the United States by a white.

China, Nepal sign trade, infrastructure and security deals | Nepal News

President Xi Jinping has wrapped up a landmark visit to Nepal, the first by a.

Kyrgyzstan to regulate religious schools | Kyrgyzstan News

Kyrgyzstan wants to change the way religious schools operate. It plans to introduce laws to.

Sudan’s gum arabic farmers worry about climate change | Sudan News

Sudan is the world’s main producer and exporter of gum arabic, according to the United.

Typhoon Hagibis kills many as it batters Japan, troops deployed | Japan News

Japan has sent tens of thousands of troops and rescue workers to save stranded residents.

Exploring the influence of Muslim culture on the West | Arts & Culture

London, United Kingdom – A 19th-century painting of a harem by European artist Antoine-Ignace Melling.