Joe Biden Uses Adolf Hitler in Campaign Ad

Former Vice President Joe Biden has used footage of Nazi dictator and mass murderer Adolf.

Travelex owner Finablr on brink of collapse as it appoints insolvency firm

Travelex on the brink ( PA Archive/PA Images ) The under-fire owner of currency business Travelex.

Only Time Your Badly Paid Migrant House Staff Will Sleep

Actor-comedian Ricky Gervais viciously trolled Hollywood celebrities just hours ahead of Sunday’s Academy Awards, preemptively.

Inspiring, Brilliant, ‘A Wonderful Soul’

Iconic actor-comedian Orson Bean, who died Friday at 91 in a traffic accident, was the.

Clyburn: 'Get Rid of Caucuses' – They 'Are Manipulated'

During an interview with C-SPAN’s “Newsmakers” broadcast on Friday, House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-SC).

Over 100 Dogs Adopted Thanks to Chiefs’ Derrick Nnadi’s Sponsorship

An animal shelter in Kansas City, Missouri, is now completely empty thanks to a football.

Teacher Allegedly Had Sex with Student While Own Child in the Home

A Louisiana middle school teacher allegedly had sex with a 15-year-old student while her own.

Democrat College Students in NH Leaning Toward Bernie Sanders

Democrat and Democrat-leaning college students in New Hampshire are choosing Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) as.

2020 Trump Voter Engagement in House Races Most Important

Women for America First chairwoman Amy Kremer told Breitbart News Saturday that activating President Donald Trump’s voter.

Why Does Bernie Sanders Keep Yelling at Me?

Actor Michael J. Fox campaigned for former Mayor Pete Buttigieg on Saturday, telling voters in.

Bezos Might Have Spun His Sex Scandal Story Out of His Control

Will the Real Jeff Bezos Stand Up?  Is Jeff Bezos just an unfaithful horndog? Or.

Bloomberg Receives Key Endorsement from Michigan Rep. Haley Stevens

Democrat presidential hopeful and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is amping up his.

‘Profiles in Corruption’ Hits #1 on NYT Bestseller List

Profiles in Corruption, based on over a year and a half of research by Breitbart News.

‘Mainstream’ Corporations Are Selling Porn, Prostitution Online

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) announced its annual Dirty Dozen List of  “mainstream.

Thai Army Soldier Kills at Least 20 People

Police in Thailand said that they were on the hunt for a soldier in the.

Chief Brian Hastings Takes Command of Nation’s Busiest Border Sector

Border Patrol officials announced this week that Chief Patrol Agent Brian Hastings will serve as.

Actor-Comedian Orson Bean, 91, Hit and Killed by Car in L.A.

We lost a member of the Breitbart family last night, legendary actor-comedian Orson Bean —.

Sanders Has Finished Warren Off

During coverage of Friday’s ABC News Democratic presidential debate, ABC News Senior National Correspondent Terry.

Liz Warren Claims ‘3 of 4’ Americans Believe Roe v. Wade Should Be Law

CLAIM: Elizabeth Warren claimed the vast majority of Americans believe Roe v. Wade should be.

Based on Tonight, No Dem ‘Has the Trump Campaign Quaking in Their Boots’

During Friday’s coverage of the ABC News Democratic presidential debate, ABC News Chief White House Correspondent.

MSNBC’s Matthews Goes After Socialist Bernie — ‘Reds’ Would Have Executions in Central Park

MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews on Friday night after the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates debated in Manchester, NH.

Buttigieg Sounds Like Scooby-Doo When Pressed on Racial Issues

CNN political commentator and former Obama adviser Van Jones said during his network’s post-Democratic presidential.

‘We Have a Racist Society from Top to Bottom’

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) said during Friday night’s debate in New Hampshire that the United.

Moderator Asks Rivals to Take Shots at ‘Democratic Socialist’ Bernie Sanders

ABC News moderator George Stephanopoulos asked every other candidate in the Democrat debate in New.

Ohio Minister Plans Lawsuit Over ‘Crotch-Grabbing’ NFL Halftime Show

A pastor in Ohio claims he is set to sue the National Football League over.

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