U.S. Policy on Russia? Trump and His Team Might Give Different Answers

“The big problem with Trump’s policy is that it doesn’t add up,” said Stephen Sestanovich,.

In Iowa, Gillibrand Uses Small-Town Roots to Sell Electability

“We’ve had enough divisiveness over the last couple years,” said Amy Young, a college professor,.

Shutdown Prompts Centrist Freshman Democrats to Flex Their Muscles

WASHINGTON — As the most diverse freshman class in history settles into the House of.

British Officials Worried About Angering Trump Over ISIS Captives

The United States has more expansive laws for incarcerating people who joined terrorism groups, including.

Skadden Arps Agrees to $4.6 Million Settlement in Ukraine Lobbying Case

A Skadden Arps team led by Gregory B. Craig, a former White House counsel for.

How We Photographed 130 Women of Congress, One by One

Times Insider delivers behind-the-scenes insights into how news, features and opinion come together at The.

Pelosi Calls for Postponing State of the Union – Video

By REUTERS | Jan. 16, 2019 | 0:24 Speaker Nancy Pelosi suggested that President Trump.

The Government Shutdown: Here’s Where Things Stand

The partial government shutdown is more than three weeks old, and the nation’s economy, airports.

Trump Discussed Pulling U.S. From NATO, Aides Say Amid New Concerns Over Russia

WASHINGTON — There are few things that President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia desires more.

Democrats Want to Run on Issues in 2020. But Does Beating Trump Matter Most?

“The party is in a different place — we need somebody to stand up and.

Ocasio-Cortez Pushes Democrats to the Left, Whether They Like It or Not

[What you need to know to start the day: Get New York Today in your.

Explaining Trump’s Tweet on Crimes by Immigrants

23% of Federal inmates are illegal immigrants. Border arrests are up 240%. In the Great.

Trump Claims There Is a Crisis at the Border. What’s the Reality?

President Trump has frequently called the situation at the southern border with Mexico a crisis.

On Politics: White House Digs In on Wall Demands

Good Friday morning. Here are some of the stories making news in Washington and politics.

Pompeo Calls Obama’s Mideast Policy Misguided

CAIRO — Secretary of State Mike Pompeo scathingly repudiated President Barack Obama’s approach to the.

This Government Shutdown Is One of the Longest Ever

The current gap in funding is the second longest since 1976. Source link

Who Paid for the Prime-Time Wall Debate? The American Viewer

Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Schumer, meanwhile, shared a lectern in a hallway, side by side,.

U.S. Carbon Emissions Surged in 2018 Even as Coal Plants Closed

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Justice Ginsburg Will Miss Supreme Court Arguments

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who underwent cancer surgery last month, will not be on the.

As Trade Talks Begin, Trump Sees China’s Economic Weakness as U.S. Strength

WASHINGTON — President Trump is cheerleading his way past the economic warning signs that have.

Trump Says ‘Not Much Headway’ in Talks as Shutdown Enters Third Week

WASHINGTON — As a partial government shutdown entered its third week, negotiations between Vice President.

On Politics: The Biggest Stories of the Week

Additional Reading • As House of Representatives Convenes, There’s One Empty Seat • Rashida Tlaib’s.

Republicans Seek to Boost Small Donations, but a Fragmented System Stymies Them

Last year at this time, Republicans feared the “blue wave,” a surge of voter enthusiasm.

Here’s Who Didn’t Vote for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker

WASHINGTON — The 116th Congress opened on Thursday with Democrats taking control of the House..

Trump’s Freewheeling and Fact-Free Cabinet Meeting

“I’d love him to be a team player, possibly he won’t be,” Mr. Trump said..

Five Ways Elizabeth Warren (and Other 2020 Hopefuls) Will Campaign When There’s No Campaign Yet

Policy rollouts Candidates must also use the coming year to introduce and differentiate themselves on.

On Politics: Elizabeth Warren Is Running for President

Good Tuesday morning and Happy New Year. Here are some of the stories making news.

Trump to Allow Months for Troop Withdrawal in Syria, Officials Say

WASHINGTON — President Trump has agreed to give the military about four months to withdraw.

Obamacare, Ruled Invalid by Federal Judge, Will Remain in Effect During Appeal

The federal judge in Texas, who ruled this month that the entire Affordable Care Act.

Trump Blames Democrats Over Deaths of Migrant Children in U.S. Custody

Mr. Trump has since sought to blame Democrats for the shutdown, remaining in the White.

Deciphering the Patterns in Trump’s Falsehoods

President Trump has a well-documented problem telling the truth. Fact checkers have compiled lists of.

Barack Obama’s Favorite Book of 2018 Was ‘Becoming.’ Here’s What Else He Liked.

Former President Barack Obama on Friday shared some of the books, movies and music he.

Trump Iraq Visit Is Called a Political Rally

WASHINGTON — During his surprise visit to American troops in Iraq and Germany this week,.

LinkedIn Co-Founder Apologizes for Deception in Alabama Senate Race

Reid Hoffman, the tech billionaire whose money was spent on Russian-style social media deception in.

Donald Trump’s Registration Card – The New York Times

Donald Trump’s Registration Card – The New York Times NYTimes.com no longer supports Internet Explorer.

With Outsize Influence, Black Voters Are Ready to Make Themselves Heard

Other overtures were made in private. Mr. O’Rourke has held calls with the Rev. Al.

In Latest Shutdown, Some Lawmakers See a Diminished Congress

WASHINGTON — As the third government shutdown of the Trump era dragged into Christmas, lawmakers.

Stock Market Rout Has Trump Fixated on Fed Chair Powell

Mr. Mnuchin has worked in recent days to obtain Mr. Trump’s assurance that he would.

White House Budget Chief Says Shutdown May Extend Into January

Mick Mulvaney, the White House budget director, said on Sunday that it was “very possible”.

Facebook Closes 5 Accounts Tied to Russia-Like Tactics in Alabama Senate Race

In an unusual move against Russian-style election deception inside the United States, Facebook said on.

Reliable Allies Refuse to Defend a President Content With Chaos

As he lost the public support of those once willing to step forward on his.

On Politics: Mattis Resigns Over Syria Plan, While Putin Praises It

Mr. Mattis, the retired four-star Marine general, resigned as defense secretary in protest of President.

U.S. and Other Nations to Announce China Crackdown

The move comes as the Justice Department planned to announce criminal charges against hackers believed.

In Overture to Democrats, Trump Officials May Challenge Peru on Deforestation

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration is considering an international challenge to Peru’s deforestation of the.

Hacked European Cables Reveal a World of Anxiety About Trump, Russia and Iran

There was also an inquiry about whether to allow Dmitry O. Rogozin, a former Russian.

Explaining Trump, Brexit and Other Expressions of Nationalism

With that context established, his focus is on the here and now and on explaining.

On Politics: Republicans in Congress Have a Shutdown Problem

Good Monday morning. Here are some of the stories making news in Washington and politics.

U.S. Is ‘Working On’ Extraditing Gulen, Top Turkish Official Says

ISTANBUL — Turkey’s foreign minister said Sunday that the United States was “working on” extraditing.

The Special Counsel Is Fighting a Witness in Court. Who Is It?

WASHINGTON — For the past several months, journalists, legal experts and close followers of the.

On Politics: The Biggest Stories of the Week

From steps forward in the Trump hush-money investigation to tensions at the White House and.

Sisterhood in the Halls of Congress, and You’re Invited

The Democratic newcomers have a message for you: We’re cool, we’re transparent and we’ve got.

Trump’s Baseless Claim That Mexico Will Pay for the Wall Through the New Nafta

This lacks evidence. President Trump has been vague on how Mexico would pay for his.

Troubled by Lapses, Government’s Voice to the World Braces for New Trump Management

The agency that oversees Voice of America and other government broadcasting has endured a series.

North Carolina Fraud Scandal Casts Shadow Over the Primary, Too

Mr. Ward ended up losing the primary to Mr. McVicker by more than 1,700 votes..

Criminal Justice Bill Will Go Up for a Vote, McConnell Says

WASHINGTON — Reversing course, Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky said on Tuesday that the Senate.

Behind G.O.P. Power Play in Midwest: Fear of Losing a Gerrymandered Advantage

LANSING, Mich. — When Michigan Republicans began moving legislation last week to limit the power.

Trump’s Tawdry Tabloid Sagas Reveal Weightier Themes

For those who wonder why any of this might apply to The Enquirer, I would.

Beto O’Rourke Emerges as the Wild Card of the 2020 Campaign-in-Waiting

WASHINGTON — The 2020 Democratic presidential primary, already expected to be the party’s most wide.

The Wooing of Jared Kushner: How the Saudis Got a Friend in the White House

Senior American officials were worried. Since the early months of the Trump administration, Jared Kushner,.

Michael Cohen, Trump’s Ex-Fixer, Should Get Prison Term of About 4 Years, Prosecutors Say

Michael Cohen, President Trump’s former lawyer, should receive a “substantial” prison term of roughly four.

Michigan G.O.P. Starts Limiting Power of Incoming Democratic Leaders

LANSING, Mich. — Michigan Republicans, following the tactics of conservative lawmakers in Wisconsin, moved on.

On Politics: A Nation Remembers President Bush

George H.W. Bush’s funeral at Washington National Cathedral drew five living presidents, family, friends and.

3 Books About George H.W. Bush’s Legacy

Cramer’s original opus was a more than 1,000-page-long accounting of the 1988 presidential election, “What.

House Republican Campaign Arm Says It Was Hacked This Year

WASHINGTON — The campaign arm for House Republicans was hacked during the 2018 midterm campaign,.

Bush Made Willie Horton an Issue, and for African-Americans, the Scars Are Still Fresh

Mr. Bush expressed no regret for the Horton ad, and some of his longtime allies.

In the Blink of an Eye, a Hunt for Oil Threatens Pristine Alaska

Ms. Murkowski told reporters within hours of Mr. Trump’s victory that she would renew the.

Trump Says He Plans to Withdraw From Nafta

WASHINGTON — President Trump announced his intention late Saturday to quickly withdraw the United States.

Can Trade Threats Be Turned to Truce? Trump Meets Chinese and German Leaders

BUENOS AIRES — President Trump neared the end of an attenuated visit to the Group.

High Stakes for House Freshmen: The Office Lottery

WASHINGTON — Colin Allred of Texas brought his pink quartz from the campaign trail. Sharice.

Sheryl Sandberg Is Said to Have Asked Facebook Staff to Research George Soros

Sheryl Sandberg asked Facebook’s communications staff to research George Soros’s financial interests in the wake.

What’s Stronger Than a Blue Wave? Gerrymandered Districts

North Carolina Election Results 2018 GREENSBORO, N.C. — When the blue wave came to North.

Iranians Accused in Cyberattacks, Including One That Hobbled Atlanta

Two Iranians were behind the ransomware attack that crippled Atlanta’s government for days this year,.

Cindy Hyde-Smith Holds Off Mike Espy to Keep Mississippi Senate Seat

JACKSON, Miss. — Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith, a Mississippi Republican who had to apologize for a.

Cancer Pushes New York’s ‘First Girlfriend,’ Sandra Lee, Onto Political Stage

VAN NUYS, Calif. — She strolled slowly through the neighborhood, a down-to-earth sprawl of sun-blasted.

Social Security Runs Short of Money and Ideas Fly on How to Repair It

We’ve long heard warnings that the Social Security program that 52 million Americans rely on.

It’s Not Just Trump in House Democrats’ Cross Hairs. His Family Is, Too.

Mr. Trump has told aides that he believes that Democrats have the potential to appear.

A Winter-Coat Heavyweight Gives Trump’s Trade War the Cold Shoulder

PORTLAND, Ore. — Columbia Sportswear has spent years designing ski jackets and hiking boots to.

What’s New in the Latest U.S. Climate Assessment

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F.B.I. Training Instructors Punish Women, Not Men, for Mistakes, Complaint Says

WASHINGTON — Danielle Snider was sailing through her training to be an F.B.I. agent last.

Saudis Want a U.S. Nuclear Deal. Can They Be Trusted Not to Build a Bomb?

That insistence is what set off the Iranian nuclear crisis. Over the years, several nations.

Federal Ban on Female Genital Mutilation Ruled Unconstitutional by Judge

“Given how this statute is written I think he’s correct,” Professor Henning said. “I hate.

Matthew Whitaker Earned $1.2 Million From Group Backed by Undisclosed Donors

A provision of the Hatch Act allows officials to raise money to retire campaign debt..

Michelle Obama and Tracee Ellis Ross on the Power of Women’s Stories

GALANES Mrs. Obama, the second revelation is about your going to marriage counseling, as a.

Democratic Senators Challenge Whitaker Appointment in Court

The case was assigned to Judge Trevor N. McFadden, a Trump appointee. The Justice Department.

Why Trump Is Sticking With the Saudi Crown Prince

As with Russia, those statements have become increasingly unpersuasive. “He’s showing that they’re desperate,” said.

White Kansas Official’s ‘Master Race’ Comment Draws Calls for His Resignation

The governor of Kansas is among several officials calling for a white county commissioner to.

Are Jared and Ivanka Good for the Jews?

On election night in Beverly Hills, Jason Blum, the hot shot horror-movie producer, was accepting.

Trump Calls China’s List of Trade Concessions ‘Not Acceptable’

WASHINGTON — President Trump said on Friday that a list of trade concessions offered by.

Democrats Pick Off Another Republican House Seat in California

California Republicans suffered another blow on Thursday night as Representative Mimi Walters, who has represented.

Trump to Raise North Korea Sanctions With Chinese Leader, Pence Says

President Trump is likely to bring up the enforcement of sanctions against North Korea when.

Conservative Lawyers Say Trump Has Undermined the Rule of Law

WASHINGTON — The annual convention of the Federalist Society, the conservative legal group, has long.

Trump’s Trade War Prompts Fight Among Top Economic Advisers

WASHINGTON — President Trump’s trade war is stoking an internal fight among his top economic.

Cooperating Witness in Mueller Inquiry Predicts His Own Indictment for Lying

WASHINGTON — Jerome Corsi, a conspiracy theorist and friend of the longtime Trump adviser Roger.

In North Korea, Missile Bases Suggest a Great Deception

The program, which focuses on the prospects of North-South integration, is led by Victor Cha,.

Pompeo Faces a World of Challenges. Add House Democrats to the List.

WASHINGTON — In May, just weeks after becoming secretary of state, Mike Pompeo returned to.

Elvis Presley and Babe Ruth Among Trump’s First Medal of Freedom Honorees

WASHINGTON — President Trump will bestow the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian.

Even for This President, It Was a Remarkable Week of Attacks on American Institutions

Still, the president brushed aside questions about Mr. Whitaker that, to most legal experts, are.

Country Music Will Talk About the Hurt, but Not the Politics

Some precisely wrought sentiments also have started trickling into the music. The musician Kane Brown.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Hospitalized With 3 Broken Ribs

WASHINGTON — Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg of the Supreme Court was hospitalized on Thursday morning,.

After Midterm Results, Canadians Watch Fate of Trade Agreement

OTTAWA — Canadians will closely watch the fate of a newly negotiated trade pact, analysts.