‘We Are Not Out of the First Wave,’ Newsom Warns as Virus Cases Rise

Just a few days ago on Monday, I released our new case numbers: 4,230 new.

Mississippi Man Charged With Threatening to Kill Congressman

A Mississippi man was charged in connection with a phone call threatening to kill a.

Tribe in South Dakota Seeks Court Ruling Over Standoff on Blocking Virus

The checkpoints include a questionnaire about where travelers were coming from and their destination. The.

Democratic Convention Moves to Smaller Venue, as Delegates Are Urged to Stay Away

WASHINGTON — The Democratic National Convention will move out of Milwaukee’s professional basketball arena, and.

Senate Democrats Block G.O.P. Police Bill, Calling It ‘Inadequate’

WASHINGTON — Senate Democrats on Wednesday blocked a narrow Republican bill to incentivize police departments.

‘They Could Literally Bring the Infection With Them’: Cuomo Announces Joint Travel Advisory

new video loaded: ‘They Could Literally Bring the Infection With Them’: Cuomo Announces Joint Travel.

Watch Live: House Judiciary Committee Holds Hearing on Justice Department Oversight

Wednesday’s testimony is a linchpin in a broader attempt by House Democrats to scrutinize the.

Insurgent Wave Upends House Primaries in N.Y. as Engel Falls Behind

Candidates from the Democratic Party’s left wing held significant leads in three marquee House primaries.

Digging Into The Times’s 2020 Poll

Good morning and welcome to On Politics, a daily political analysis of the 2020 elections.

Obama Urges Democrats: ‘Whatever You’ve Done So Far Is Not Enough’

“Just because this energy is out there, it does not mean that it assures our.

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