North America’s Glaciers Are Melting Four Times Faster Than They Were a Decade Ago

Photo: Richard Droker (Flickr) Across the world’s icy landscapes, climate change is spurring a major.

Massive Ice Disk in Maine Stops Spinning, Is Somehow Rescued by Paddleboarder

In this Monday, Jan. 14, 2019 aerial image taken from a drone video and provided.

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The Shutdown Is Making the U.S. Less Prepared for Hurricane Season

Photo: Getty Atlantic hurricane season begins on June 1, but preparedness season is in full.

The U.S. Government Was Supposed to Tell Us How Hot 2018 Was Today, But, the Shutdown

People cooling off in Madrid Rio park in Madrid during an August heat wave.Photo: AP.

New York Governor Hops on Green New Deal Bandwagon

New York Governor Andrew CuomoPhoto: AP New York state is on a path toward a.

The Trump Administration’s Plan to Clean Up Coal Plants Could Be Worse Than Doing Nothing

Photo: AP The Environmental Protection Agency likes to tout its proposed replacement to Obama’s Clean.

Criminal Enforcement at Trump’s EPA Is the Lowest It’s Been in Decades: Report

Photo: Getty The Environmental Protection Agency was unusually lax in 2018. During the last fiscal.

This Part of Antarctica Was Not Supposed to Be Shrinking

An East Antarctic glacier as seen during a NASA Operation IceBridge flight.Photo: NASA/Michael Studinger When.

California Power Company Tied to Last Year’s Deadly Camp Fire Is Filing For Bankruptcy

Could this be the end?Photo: AP California’s largest utility is in a death spiral in.

Surprising Everyone, Florida’s New Republican Governor Orders Sweeping Environmental Reform

Photo: Getty In his first week in office, Florida’s new Republican Governor Ron Desantis has.

How to Donate and Recycle Everything You’ve Marie Kondo’d

Screenshot: Netflix It’s Marie Kondo’s world now, and we’re all just trying to declutter in.

Gaze Into the Giant Storm Swirling Over the Pacific Ocean

Image: Colorado State University Forget Bad Winter, a season of Boring Winter is upon us..

Mysterious Shark Species Discovered in Museum Collection May Already Be Extinct

It’s a new year, and the world has its first new species of shark in.

The Joshua Tree Fiasco Is Why Parks Should Be Closed During the Shutdown

Photo: Getty In a bizarre decision on Wednesday, Joshua Tree National Park reversed course on.

Monarch Butterfly Population of California Down 86 Percent

Image: AP In what is yet another sad and alarming piece of news, the number.

House Democrats Are on a Legislative Blitz to Ban Offshore Drilling

The Trump administration wants to drill every inch of ocean it can. But on Tuesday,.

The World Lost $160 Billion to Disasters Last Year, and Climate Change Played a Big Role

Photo: Getty 2018 was the year climate change became ever clearer, with wildfires, cyclones, and.

A Major Climate Treaty to Reduce Air Conditioning Emissions Just Went Into Force

Photo: Getty While the world was still hungover from the major climate conference in Poland.

National Park Service Plans to Use Visitor Fees to Keep Sites Operational Amid Shutdown Chaos

According to the National Park Service, several partner organizations will assist with trash collection while.

Goodbye George, the Last Known Hawaiian Land Snail of Its Species

Image: Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources (Facebook) Researchers this week bid farewell to.

An ‘Extinction Event’ Is Unfolding in Washington State as Two More Endangered Orcas Fall Ill

Remember that orca mom that carried around her dead calf for more than two weeks.

Antarctic Sea Ice Is In Record-Low Territory Again, and Nobody Knows Why

Image: NASA Scientific Visualization Studio What’s happening to Arctic sea ice is pretty straightforward: Earth.

It Snowed in the Arizona Desert, and the Photos Look Otherworldly

Lookout Studio in Grand Canyon Village, Grand Canyon National Park, on Tuesday Jan 1. Photo:.

Ryan Zinke Scribbles About His Public Lands Legacy as National Parks Devolve Into Chaos

Photo: Getty Wednesday is scandal haver Ryan Zinke’s last day as Secretary of the Interior..

Elizabeth Warren Backs Radical Climate Action as She Gears Up for 2020

Photo: AP After years of sitting at the margins, a transformative climate action plan known.

The Government Shutdown Has Stalled Trump’s Plan to Drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

The majestic Arctic National Wildlife RefugePhoto: Getty In a rare bit of good news about.

Releasing Thousands of Balloons to Ring in the New Year Is an Awful Idea

A balloon release in Hong Kong in 2011.Photo: AP New Year’s Eve is all about.

Here’s Why the Sky Glowed a Freaky Blue During Last Night’s Electrical Incident in NYC

Pretty weird lookin’!Photo: Sophie Rosenbaum (AP) You’ve surely heard about Thursday’s incident at a Con.

Dozens of Stranded Sea Turtles Rescued After Indonesian Tsunami

Tsunami damage in Sumur, Indonesia.Image: AP/Achmad Ibrahim Volunteer rescuers working on beaches along Sundra Strait.

Trump’s EPA Wants to Prove That Limiting Toxic Mercury Emissions Is a Giant Waste of Money

And all to save these damn coal plants. Really?Photo: AP The Environmental Protection Agency will.

Progressives Blast Nancy Pelosi’s New ‘Climate Crisis’ Committee

Activists occupy the office of Rep. Steny Hoyer to pressure for climate action.Photo: AP In.

Nearly 2 Million People Sign Petition to Sue France Over Climate Inaction

Look at all those tourists enjoying that heat wave in March 2017.Photo: AP If France.

Eastern Lowland Gorillas Heading Towards ‘Genetic Meltdown’

Grauer gorillas.Image: Love Dalén/Tom van der Valk Eastern lowland gorillas in the Democratic Republic of.

Camera Traps Show Carnivores Thriving on Wisconsin’s Chilly Islands

Coyotes on Stockton Island, Wisconsin, in 2015.Photo: Max Allen/Erik Olson/Tim Van Deelen Islands aren’t all.

Indonesia Tsunami Death Toll Almost Doubles, Rises to More Than 420

Photo: Achmad Ibrahim (AP) A tsunami that slammed into the beaches of Indonesia’s Sunda Strait.

The Scientists Who Play With Wildfire

When fire scientist Albert Simeoni wants to study wildfires, he can’t exactly run into the.

Trump Is One Step Closer to Opening America’s Largest Wildlife Refuge to Oil and Gas

Why would anyone want to mess with such a beautiful sight?Photo: Getty The Arctic National.

Hundreds Are Dead After a Tsunami Crashed Into Indonesia

A man inspects the damage suffered by a building following a tsunami in Anyar, Indonesia,.

Meet the Knitters Who Are Turning Climate Change Data Into a Fashion Statement

A Tempestry kit for Atwood, KS, including commemorative beads.Photo: Justin Conelly Climate change is making.

Alba, a Rare Albino Orangutan, Is Released Back Into the Wild

Alba, an albino Bornean orangutan, being released to the wild, on Wednesday December 19, 2018.Image:.

This Environmentalist Went to Prison for a Crime She Says She Didn’t Commit—and It Transformed Her Activism

Siwatu-Salama Ra was in her third trimester when she spent her first night in prison..

Nine Coastal States Join Lawsuit to Ban Offshore Air Gun Blasts Okayed by Trump

Photo: Getty The war against offshore drilling continues to pit basically the entire U.S. against.

New Census Data Shows Exactly How Many People Left Puerto Rico After Hurricane Maria

Photo: Getty When Hurricane Maria tore through Puerto Rico in September 2017, it left mass.

Knowing the Carbon Footprint of Your Food May Convince You to Eat Less Meat, Study Suggests

Could “low-carbon footprint” become the new “organic”?Photo: Getty I’m one of those people who can’t.

First-Ever Oil Drilling Project in US Arctic Waters Just Got Slammed With a Lawsuit

More than 65 million acres of the Beaufort Sea will up for sale next year.

Two California Inmates Suffered Severe Burns Fighting Camp Fire. Why Were They There at All?

The Camp Fire in full force.Photo: Getty The Camp Fire shined a national spotlight on.

California Regulators Vote to Require All Transit Agency Buses Produce Zero Emissions by 2040

A BYD Co. electric bus outside a production facility in Lancaster, California.Photo: Reed Saxon (AP).

‘Maddening’ Climate Talks End in a Weak Agreement That Won’t Avert Catastrophe

Photo: Sean Gallup (Getty) The world’s governments have reached a new agreement at the just-concluded.

Meet the Activists Who Walked Over 900 Miles to the UN Climate Talks

The pilgrims walk to Katowice, Poland.Photo: Albert Lozada Joanna Sustento lost her parents, oldest brother,.

Kids Stage Major Strike at UN Climate Talks

Students on a climate strike at the United Nations climate talks in Poland.Photo: AP You.

Behold the Amazing Sea Life Argentina’s New Marine Reserves Will Protect

Brightly-colored sea anemones. Green-eyed shrimp. Blue starfish. All these creatures can be found in the.

California’s Fire Chief Suggests Maybe It’s Time to Stop Building in Wildfire Hotspots

Photo: Getty Back-to-back wildfire seasons have taken a huge toll on California. Billions of dollars.

The Fossils of the 21st Century

In 100 million years, human civilization will have bit the dust. Perhaps a nuclear war.

A Big Fight Over Waters in the U.S. Is Heating Up

These are the kinds of ecosystems at risk with this proposed revision.Photo: AP The Environmental.

New House Science Committee Chair to Climate Scientists: We've Got Your Back Again

Change is in the air over at the House Committee on Space, Science, and Technology..

Oil Allies Refuse to Welcome Key Scientific Report at UN Climate Talks

Climate activists attend the March for Climate in a protest against global warming in Katowice,.

Stop Hating on Pantone’s New Color of the Year

GIF: Panton Color Institute On Thursday, the Pantone Color Institute announced its new color of.

Adorable Newborn Asian Elephant Is Helping Save Her Species

Baby playing in wood shavings that help absorb its urine but, more importantly, provide some.

Can You Spot What’s Special About This Photo of the Crescent Moon?

What is it? Click to zoom.Photo: Steve Bellavia Astronomer Steven Bellavia at Brookhaven National Labs.

The Trump Administration Is Spinning Its Latest Pro-Coal Policy as Good for People of Color

Nothing to see here, just your local coal-fired power plant.Photo: AP The Environmental Protection Agency.

Catastrophic Oil Spill in the Peruvian Amazon Pits State Energy Company Against Local Tribe

Aerial photo of the Nanay River in the Peruvian AmazonPhoto: AP Last week, at least.

The Dakota Access Pipeline Project Lost Billions by Failing to Consult With Local Tribes

Never forget Flag Road of the Oceti Sakowin Camp in North Dakota, at the height.

New Study Finds Microplastics in Every Species of Sea Turtle on Earth

Poor little dude.Photo: Getty Sea turtles are some of the chillest little dudes in the.

This New NASA Mission Will Create an Unprecedented, 3D Map of Earth’s Forests

The secret to stabilizing Earth’s climate could rest in the world’s forests. That’s why, this.

California Wildfires Emitted as Much Carbon as the State’s Entire Power Sector in 2018

The Camp Fire burning Butte County in California to a crisp last month.Photo: Getty We.

Genius Ryan Zinke Calls Congressman Who Will Likely Be Future Oversight Chair a Drunk

Ryan Zinke announcing a ban on new mining claims in mountains north of Yellowstone National.

After 7.0 Earthquake Shakes Alaska, Governor Says Impact Could Last ‘Quite Some Time’

A car is trapped on a collapsed section of the offramp of Minnesota Drive in.

Major Earthquake Shakes Anchorage

Roadway damage in Alaska following a magnitude 7.0 earthquake outside Anchorage.GIF: @sarahh_mars via Storyful A.

Scientists Just Rescued One of the Last Sumatran Rhinos to Save the Entire Species

Capturing a rhino is no easy task. In fact, capturing one female Sumatran rhino on.

The World Lost 153 Billion Hours of Work to Heat Waves Last Year

Photo: AP Because we haven’t had enough dire reports this fall, let’s throw one more.

Climate Change Threatens Priceless Knowledge Held by Indigenous Communities, Federal Report Warns

This is what climate change looks like.Photo: AP The National Climate Assessment is big, bad,.

Trump’s Latest Talking Points on Climate Change Will Make Your Brain Hurt So Bad

Photo: Andrew Harnik (AP) Last week, federal scientists released their damning new National Climate Assessment,.

No, Scientists Didn’t Just Suggest We ‘Dim the Sun’ to Stop Climate Change

Image: Johnson Space Center (NASA) Reports last week of a new paper from researchers at.

The Time Capsules That Will Outlast the Apocalypse

When we die, we leave behind information. This information can take many forms, from our.

International Auction Houses Sotheby’s, Bonhams Say They’ll Stop Selling Rhino Horn

A critically endangered black rhinoceros being released into an enclosure in Zakouma National Park in.

‘It’s Not Enough to Think It’s Important’

Photo: Susan Walsh (AP) Despite the Trump administration’s apparent attempt to bury the National Climate.

Government Climate Report Lays Out How Screwed We Are If We Don’t Act Now

Two people don masks to deal with the smoke from the Camp Fire that shrouds.

Bold New Museum Exhibit Urges World to Save Washington State’s Nearly-Extinct Orcas

The totem pole that’ll sit in the exhibit next month.Photo: Nancy Bleck (Courtesy of The.

Inside the Quest to Discover Super-Corals at the Bottom of the Sea

The deep sea coral Lophelia pertusaPhoto: NOAA Ocean Explorer (Wikipedia) In the inky depths of.

Smoke From California’s Wildfires Reached to New York City

The San Francisco skyline is obscured by smoke and haze from wildfires behind Alcatraz Island.

The Most Vulnerable Nations on Earth Are Holding the World’s First Virtual Climate Summit

Photo: Getty For French President Emmanuel Macron to address delegates at this Thursday’s Climate Vulnerable.

Colorful Maps Show How We’ve Transformed Earth’s Surface Over the Past 25 Years

The world’s changed a lot over the last quarter century. In fact, 22 percent of.

Guatemala’s Volcan de Fuego Is Erupting Again, and the Photos Are Terrifying

Volcan de Fuego erupts in the early morning hours of Monday. November 19.Photo: AP One.

Finnish President Denies Having Raking Conversation With Trump

President Donald Trump talks with Gov.-elect Gavin Newsom, left, and as California Gov. Jerry Brown.

Trump Suggests California Wildfires Can Be Avoided by ‘Raking’

Image: Evan Vucci (AP) President Donald Trump traveled to Northern California this weekend to survey.

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The Camp Fire Forced Cal and Stanford to Postpone the Big Game

Raiders fan wearing breathing masks during last week’s game against the Chargers.Photo: Getty Going outside.

Half of the World’s Rain Falls In Just a Dozen Days a Year

Photo: Getty When it rains, it pours. Tinder dates, job offers, and bad news all.

Roughly 100 People Are Listed Missing in California’s Camp Fire

Image: John Locher (AP) Nearly a week after the Camp Fire devastated an entire town,.

What Happens After an Entire Town Burns to the Ground?

Photo: AP Everyone who fled the Camp Fire has a story about when they knew.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Spent Part of Her Congressional Orientation Demanding Bolder Climate Action From Nancy Pelosi

Photo: AP The new Congress is going to be a bit different than the old.

Camp Fire Is Officially The Deadliest in California’s History

Yuba and Butte County sheriff deputies carry a body bag with a deceased victim of.

CNN Meteorologist Explains Why President Trump is So Wrong About California’s Wildfires

President Trump sits across from Russian President Vladimir Putin during lunch at the Elysee Palace.

The Kings’ Arena Was Filled With Wildfire Smoke Before Last Night’s Game

Photo: Ezra Shaw (Getty) Smoke from the Camp Fire raging in Butte County, California—which has.

Fire Whirls Captured as 3 Wildfires Tear Through California

Flames consume a fast food restaurant as the Camp Fire tears through Paradise, Calif., on.

Aftermath Video Shows Wildfire Turned Paradise Into an Eerie, Apocalyptic Hellscape 

California is battling chaotic wildfires all over the state today and the true toll it.

Judge Reverses Trump Approval of Keystone XL Pipeline for Ignoring Impact on Climate

Oops, the courts did it again. They messed with your beloved pipeline.Photo: AP In a.

The Camp Fire Is Exploding in Northern California

Smoke from the Camp Fire.GIF: Erik Gledhill via Storyful An incredibly dangerous wildfire has exploded.

How Big Oil Money Killed Green Ballot Measures

Photo: AP Climate and energy were on state ballots across the country this year. But.