The Best Deals on the Web For September 23, 2018

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65″ TV, Meat Boxes, Carhartt Socks, and More

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Navajo Coal Plant Loses Potential Buyers, On Track For 2019 Closure

The Navajo Generating StationPhoto: Courtesy of SRP After a brief period of hope that it.

Coal Ash Could Be Spilling Into North Carolina’s Drinking Water

Before and after imagery shows the breach at Lake Sutton.GIF: NOAA Fears about toxic pollution.

Earth Scientists Propose Giant Wall to Stop Antarctic Ice Sheet From Collapsing

Geoengineer me, daddy.Photo: Stuart Rankin (Flickr) Everyday it feels like science fiction and reality slide.

The Largest Wildfire in California’s History Is Finally Out

Photo: Getty After nearly two months, the largest wildfire in California history has finally been.

1.7 Million Chickens Have Drowned in Florence’s Floodwaters

Chicken farm buildings are inundated with floodwater from Hurricane Florence near Trenton, North Carolina.Photo: AP.

The EPA Is Failing to Keep Students Safe From Asbestos: Report

Photo: Getty The Environmental Protection Agency has been slacking when it comes to monitoring asbestos.

Glacier Named After Prominent Geologist Renamed Following Sexual Harassment Scandal

Victoria Land, Antarctica.Photo: Francisco Ardini / ©PNRA (Wikimedia) The Me Too movement has toppled Hollywood.

California Governor Jerry Brown Says State Will Launch Its Own Pollution Monitoring Satellite

California Governor Jerry Brown.Photo: Eric Risberg (AP) California Governor Jerry Brown announced on Friday at.

Florence Death Toll Rises As Flooding Threatens the Carolinas

Photo: NOAA (AP) Update, Saturday, 9:24 p.m.: Officials from North Carolina and South Carolina reported.

Anker’s New iPhone Sale, JBL Speakers, Beef Jerky, and More

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The World’s Largest Captive Lemur Facility Is Bracing For Florence

Hermione, a black and white ruffed lemur, awaits Hurricane Florence from the safe confines of.

Hurricane Florence Begins Its Assault on the Carolinas [Updating]

High winds have shredded the American flag and the high seas are rocking at the.

Officials Warn Those in Path of Hurricane Florence It’s Their Last Chance to Evacuate

A home in North Topsail Beach, North Carolina, surrounded by sandbags before Hurricane Florence on.

Here’s What We Know About All That Bottled Water Abandoned in Puerto Rico

Here’s some water that was distributed.Photo: Getty The government’s mismanagement of the crisis Hurricane Maria.

President Trump Calls Disastrous Response to Hurricane Maria an ‘Unsung Success’

Screenshot: CNN If there’s one thing you can count on Donald Trump to do, it.

Donald Trump’s Administration Wants to Let Oil and Gas Companies Emit a Lot More Methane

A gas flare at a natural gas processing facility in North Dakota.Photo: Matthew Brown (AP).

Florence Is a Hurricane Again, Projected to Hit East Coast at Near Category 4 Strength

A satellite image of Florence over the Northern Atlantic northeast of Barbados.Photo: National Oceanic and.

The Best Deals on the Web for September 9, 2018

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These Scientists Formed a Fortnite Squad to Teach Players About Climate Change

First Climate Fortnite Squad victory.Screenshot: YouTube Amid the 125 million Fortnite players, you’ll find rich.

Bizarre Tropical Storm Florence Could Become a Hurricane and Strike the East Coast

The forecast for Florence by Tuesday next week according the GFS.Screenshot: Earth Wind Map It’s.

Summer Nights 2018 Were Hottest on Record for the US

Photo: Getty The three-month span from June to August is always the worst season. It’s.

Civil Liberties Group Raises Concerns Over Potential Surveillance of Pipeline Protestors

Yeah, what the sign says.Photo: AP The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is suing the.

Cute Blue Bird From Rio Now Believed to Be Extinct in the Wild

Some Spix’s macaws in captivity.Photo: AP Anyone who’s seen the funky movie Rio knows of.

Unprecedented ‘Poaching Frenzy’ in Botswana Leaves Nearly 100 Elephants Dead

Elephants drink water in the Chobe National Park in Botswana.Image: AP In news that can.

Antarctica’s Giant Iceberg Is Finally on the Move

Since it snapped off the Larsen C ice shelf in July 2017, the trillion-ton iceberg.

New Zealand Penguins Travel 1,500 Miles for Food in Marathon Migration

A Tawaki penguin at sea. During their annual migrations, these aquatic birds can swim upwards.

Facebook Aims to Run All Its Data Centers on Renewable Energy By 2020

Photo: AP Facebook’s efforts to clean up content on its site? Not going well. Its.

Dangerous Chemicals Found in Flint’s Water Before the Lead Crisis Started: Report

The Flint RiverPhoto: Getty More than four years since the water crisis began in Flint,.

Could Rising CO2 Levels Trigger a Nutritional Crisis?

Photo: AP A new analysis is reigniting a concern agricultural scientists have been voicing for.

The Best Deals on the Web For August 26, 2018

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Earth Is on Fire. It’s Always on Fire

Red points are detected firesImage: NASA Worldview, Earth Observing System Data and Information System (EOSDIS).

Wow, Americans Are Selling a Lot of Dead Giraffes

Photo: Courtesy Humane Society A new report is drawing attention to fact that thousands of.

American Wildfire Forces Canadian National Park to Shut Down

The Howe Ridge Fire, one of a number of fires burning in Glacier National Park..

Volkswagen Plays God, Allegedly Hurts Farmers

While the whole Dieselgate mess was certainly villainous, it never really had the glamour to.

The Trump Administration Is Suppressing Science at an Alarming Rate

Photo: Getty Tuesday’s announcement that the Trump administration would replace an Obama era rule regulating.

As the World Burns, There Will Be Fewer Firefighters to Share

Photo: AP As out-of-control wildfires raged across the West, U.S. firefighting authorities took a seemingly.

Trump’s New Coal Plan Is Public Health a Disaster—This Rule Could Make It Worse

Photo: AP Today, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed a rule that would, by its.

Folks, I’m Not Sure This Plan to Blow All the Wildfire Smoke Into Canada Is Gonna Work

A brush fire in Spokane Valley, Washington, in 2008.Photo: Young Kwak (AP) Massive, ravaging wildfires.

Wow, Spain Sure Has a Lot of Pigs

Iberian pigs grazing on acorns at the farm Faustino Prieto in the village of Cespedosa,.

The Best Deals on the Web For August 19, 2018

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The Best Deals on the Web For August 18, 2018

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