Two Powerful Tropical Cyclones Are Set to Strike Australian Coasts Simultaneously in First Since 2015

In a satellite image acquired from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, Cyclone Trevor moves over.

1,000 Locals Reportedly Seek Treatment After Multi-Day Fire at Houston Chemical Facility

A massive petrochemical fire at Intercontinental Terminals Co. in Deer Park, Houston on March 18.Photo:.

The Republicans’ Upcoming ‘Green Real Deal’ Sounds Like Green Real Bullshit

Green Real Deal author Representative Matt Gaetz.Photo: AP To date, Republicans’ best defense against the.

FEMA Breach Exposes Personal Data and Banking Information of 2.3 Million Disaster Survivors

In this Sunday, Aug. 27, 2017 file photo, a group of people push a stalled.

This Week’s Giant Toxic Gas Cloud Over Houston Was a Symptom of a Much Bigger Problem

Yup, this happened. Photo: AP Since Monday, Corey Williams has installed several air quality monitors.

LA’s Mountain Lions May Face Extinction—But There’s a Way to Save Them

Cougars have called California home long before humans have. In Los Angeles, however, urbanization and.

New Climate Change Visualization Presents Two Stark Choices For Our Future

Last year, a visualization that turned data on our planet’s temperature into a gradient of.

Cyclone Idai Poised to Become Southern Hemisphere’s Deadliest Tropical Storm, With More Than 1,000 Feared Dead

This family lost a relative to Cyclone Idai. Here they stand next to the grave.

World’s Smallest Porpoise Down to About 10 Individuals Thanks to Illegal Fishing, Alarming Report Says

Let’s save these guys, please?Photo: AP In a tiny 15-by-7.5-mile section of Mexico’s Sea of.

Indian Scientists Measure 1.3-Billion-Volt Thunderstorm, the Strongest on Record

A thunderhead (not the one measured in this study) seen from the International Space Station.

Massive Flooding Follows in Bomb Cyclone’s Wake, With Nebraska Floods Possibly Worst in 50 Years

A pickup truck swept aside by flood waters in Norfolk, Nebraska on March 15, 2019Photo:.

Here’s What New York’s Climate Strike Looked Like

NEW YORK, NEW YORK—Friday is the day the climate strike officially went global, and the.

State Attorneys General Join the Fight to Protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Look at that.Photo: Getty The first public comment period related to drilling in the Arctic.

These Scientists Ground an iPhone to Dust to Figure Out What’s Inside

Image: University of Plymouth You probably don’t spend a lot of time pondering what your.

Historic Bomb Cyclone Hits Hard, With Extreme Snow, Rain, and Wind Reported Across Central U.S.

Wrecked vehicles on Interstate 70 near Aurora, Colorado on March 13.Photo: David Zalubowski (AP) The.

AFL-CIO Slams Green New Deal in Letter to Ocasio-Cortez, Markey

Screenshot: Drew Angerer (Getty) The Green New Deal resolution introduced by Sen. Ed Markey and.

Scientists Want to Use Honey From Beehives to Monitor Pollution

Bees!Photo: AP When Kate Smith brings her samples into the lab, she has to wear.

Traces of Giant, 2,700-Year-Old Solar Storm Detected in Greenland Ice

Flares erupting on the Sun in 2014.Image: Solar Dynamics Observatory/ESA/NASA Evidence of an unusually strong.

Bill Nye Turned Up at Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Talk at SXSW and Dug Into Climate Change

Photo: Jack Plunkett (Invision/AP) When attendees packed into a ballroom at the Austin Convention Center.

California’s 2018 Was the Worst Ever Recorded for Wildfires

The Ranch Fire in Clearlake Oaks, California, in August 2018.Photo: Josh Edelson (AP) California’s 2018.

The Best Deals on the Web For March 9, 2019

Best Deals of the DayThe best deals from around the web, updated daily.    A.

Scientists Capture Rare Footage of Mysterious ‘Type D’ Killer Whale, Possibly a New Species

Here, a very rare photo of these beautiful animals swimming.Photo: J.P. Sylvestre, South Georgia, 2011.

South Korea Wants to Use Artificial Rain to Wash Away Its Smog

You can see how bad smog gets in Seoul, South Korea. This was in January.Photo:.

Scientists Might Finally Know Why Some Icebergs Are Bright Green

A green iceberg spotted in Antarctica’s Weddel Sea in 1985.Photo: AGU/Journal of Geophysical Research In.

58 National Security Experts Denounce Trump’s Latest Plan to Dispute Climate Science

An airplane hanger at Tyndall Air Force Base in Panama City, Florida, was damaged from.

Wet Winters No Longer Protect California From Brutal Wildfire Seasons, Study Finds

The Thomas Fire Montecito, California, back in 2017.Photo: Getty In California, a wet winter no.

Humans Are Taking Up a Deceptively Large Swath of Antarctica

Australia’s Davis research station in Antarctica.Image: Shaun Brooks Antarctica is huge, stretching nearly 3,500 miles.

Underground Garbage Fire in Arkansas Has Been Burning for Over Seven Months

An underground garbage fire at an illegal Arkansas dumping site has been burning for over.

A Future of Heavier Rainstorms Could Be a Death Sentence For Corals

Corals have it rough. From warming oceans to sunscreen, threats are everywhere. Now, add freshwater.

How My Month-Long Diet to Save the Planet Collapsed Under a Mountain of Donuts and Pizza

Photo: Ferry Sitompul (Flickr) I’ve now spent four weeks eating a diet that scientists crafted.

Time Now for Some Gnarly Photos of Spiders Eating Other Animals

A tarantula preying on a Bolivian bleating frog (Hamptophryne boliviana). Image: Emanuele Biggi/Amphibian & Reptile.

PG&E Says It Was Probably Responsible for Starting Camp Fire

Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty California’s largest utility, Pacific Gas and Electric, has faced increasing scrutiny in.