Oregon State Police Are Searching for Republican Lawmakers Afraid of Voting on Climate Policy

No Republican lawmakers here.Photo: Oregon DOT (Flickr) Democrats hold supermajorities in both houses of Oregon’s.

How to Cut Down on Cheap Plastic Toys

Photo: Getty Images It’s everywhere. The cheap kazoo. Strings of Mardi Gras beads. Spider rings..

Song of the Rarest Large Whale on Earth Recorded for the First Time

A right whale in the southeastern Bering Sea.Photo: Brenda Rone (NOAA) For the first time.

Why Is It Raining so Much This Year?

Photo: AP The atmosphere has been heaving rain at the eastern U.S. like kids lob.

Noise Pollution Could Be Setting Students of Color Up to Fail

Photo: AP When kids are in school, they need a fair amount of peace and.

Dozens of Endangered Seals Are Washing Up Dead Around Alaska and Scientists Aren’t Sure Why

One of the seals found dead on May 7, 2019.Photo: Harold Okitkun (NOAA) Seals are.

Why Did Michigan Just Drop All Charges in the Flint Water Crisis?

Photo: AP The people of Flint, Michigan, deserve justice. More than five years ago, the.

Seals With Sensors Help Solve the Mystery of Antarctica’s Giant Sea Ice Hole

An elephant seal with a CTD sensor on its head. An individual seal is typically.

That Study About the Health Benefits of Nature Comes With an Important Caveat

Photo: Getty On Thursday, a new study in Scientific Reports found just two hours a.

Scientists Just Installed the World’s Highest Weather Station in Mount Everest’s ‘Death Zone’

Photo: Getty Scientists announced on Thursday that they successfully installed five automated stations, including the.

Half of Greenland’s Surface Started Melting This Week, Which Is Not Normal

Photo: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (Flickr) A major warm spell has caused nearly half.

Finally, a Climate Change Documentary That Will Get You Excited to Fix It

An urban farm in south-central Los AngelesPhoto: Courtesy of HBO Whether the audience is policy.

Radiohead Is Selling Its ‘Hacked’ Archives In the Name of Climate Change

Photo: Getty If you hate climate change but love Radiohead, man do I have a.

Thanks to El Niño, the Philippines Is Swimming in Mangoes

Is this what heaven looks like?Photo: AP A mango festival is coming to the Philippines.

Just One Tiny Industry May Emit More Methane Than EPA Had Estimated for All of Them

Fertilizer is bad, apparently.Photo: Getty People tend to equate methane with cow farts (though their.

Your Cheap-Ass Bee House Is Probably Killing the Bees

It’s a noble cause—trying to help bees thrive as populations face catastrophic collapse. One of the.

The US Just Set Yet Another Record for Being Extremely Wet

A breached levee on the Arkansas River, a common sight this spring.Photo: AP In April,.

The Sydney Opera House’s New Artificial Reefs Look Like Works of Art

The Sydney Opera House is a dope-ass work of architecture. Nestled along the Sydney Harbor.

Seven Newly Named Glaciers Honor the Satellites That Helped Discover Them

A glimpse of the Antarctic Peninsula reconstructed from Copernicus Sentinel satellite data.Photo: ESA Glaciers and.

Olay Tests a Refillable Moisturizer as Beauty Industry Grapples With Its Giant Trash Problem

What the product may end up looking like.Image: Courtesy of Olay Fresh, soft skin comes.

Thousands More Americans Will Die in Heat Waves Unless We Meet Paris Climate Goals

One hot-ass summer day in New York City.Photo: Getty The world is heating up and.

Biden Campaign Lifted Portions of Climate Plan Without Citation

Photo: Drew Angerer (Getty Images) Joe Biden’s 1988 presidential campaign came to an abrupt end.

Joe Biden’s Climate Plan Actually Has Teeth

Photo: AP Joe Biden’s energy advisor made waves (and not in a good way) last.

The World’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm Just Came Online

Photo: Getty The UK is quickly becoming the epicenter of the offshore wind industry. Point.

Canadian Wildfires Are Already Turning Sunsets Red in the US

Pyrocumulus clouds above a wildfire near High Level, Alberta, Canada.Image: Pierre Markuse (Flickr) The calendar.

More Than Half a Million Corals Died to Bring Bigger Ships Into Miami Port

All these corals died near the Port of Miami—all to expand the channel and allow.

Underland Reimagines Nature Writing About an Increasingly Unnatural World

Traditional nature writing explores the majesty of earth’s topographies—its fields and streams and mountains—those sunlit.

Closing the West’s Largest Coal Plant Will Leave the Navajo Nation With $40 Million in Missing Revenue

The Navajo Generating StationPhoto: AP The Navajo Generating Station in Arizona is closing, and that’s.

Why Are There So Many Tornadoes Right Now?

Photo: AP This has been a spring of angry weather across the U.S. as heat,.

Even Under a Coal-Loving Leader, Australia Is Leading the Charge for Renewables

Solar all day!Photo: AP In Australia, record-breaking rooftop solar installations are helping the country increase.

Natural Gas Is Now Called ‘Freedom Gas,’ According to the Department of Energy

Just look at those glorious freedom flames.Photo: Getty Jingoistic nationalism and promoting fossil fuels go.

Tornadoes Make Dayton, Ohio, Look Like a War Zone: Photos

Few things in this world are as terrifying as tornadoes. The wrath of Mother Nature.