Hurricane Dorian Oil Spill Has Reached Freshwater Resources in the Bahamas

Nearly 5 million gallons of oil spilled from a Bahamas facility in the wake of.

Northeast US Forecast: Rain, Wind, Bomb Cyclone

Gif: Earth Wind Map Hurricane season may be winding down, but worry not, lovers of.

Watch Deep Sea Creatures Feast on a Whale Carcass

Marine scientists aboard the E/V Nautilus, a research vessel that prowls the high seas in.

Fighting Climate Change Key to Stopping Future Ebola Epidemics

A new study outlines the way climate change will impact the spread of Ebola, an.

Democratic Presidential Debate Lacks Climate Change Questions

There was a brief, beautiful moment last month when CNN and MSNBC aired climate town.

Award-Winning Wildlife Photos Show Nature Is Worth Fighting For

Nature can be glorious, miraculous, and sometimes downright brutal. Not all of us get to.

Big Oil Fears the New Wave of Climate Activism

On Monday, Reuters scored an exclusive interview with Ben van Beurden, the CEO of the.

Governments Finally Examine ‘Forever Chemicals’ In Our Water

A sign at a protest in California reads, “Clean water.” Photo: AP The toxic class.

London Extinction Rebellion Protests Proceed Despite Police Ban

Protests by climate activist group Extinction Rebellion has continued to roil cities around the world,.

Toxic Algae Blooms Have Become More Intense Over Last 30 Years

A new study out Monday seems to confirm an unpleasant reality: Potentially toxic algae blooms.