How Phone Banking Teens Are Reshaping Congress

Illustration: Benjamin Currie (G/O Media) This week’s primaries were full of huge progressive victories, including.

Plastic Activists Face Terrorism Charges, 15 Years in Prison for Stunt

Plastic nurdles.Photo: Martin Bernetti (Getty) Two Louisiana environmental justice activists face up to 15 years.

Apparently It’s Sue Big Oil Week With Washington, DC Suit the Latest

Photo: Bruce Bennett (Getty) It’s lawsuit week for Big Oil. A day after Minnesota filed.

California Requiring Most Trucks Sold in State to be Electric by 2035

Soon enough, these big dirty boys will be a thing of the past.Photo: Robyn Beck.

Tuesday Primaries That You Didn’t Hear About Were Huge for the Green New Deal

Representative elect Jamaal Bowman, who won his election over Rep. Eliot EngelPhoto: Stephanie Keith/Getty Images.

Climate Lawsuits Are Coming for Koch Industries, Exxon, and API

Photo: Sarah Rice (Getty Images) Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison announced on Wednesday that he’s.

At Least Some Penguins Benefited From Antarctic Sea Ice Loss

Adélie penguins in Lützow-Holm Bay, Antarctica, enjoy easy access to food and increase body weight.

The Danger of Amazon’s $2 Billion Climate Fund

Photo: Eric Baradat (Getty) On Tuesday, Amazon rolled out a shiny new addition to its.

The UN Is Sounding the Alarm on 'Climate Refugees'

For the first time, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has included climate change.

Stacey Abrams’ Group Has a Climate Plan for the South

Georgia Power’s coal-fired steam-turbine electric generating Bowen Steam Plant.Photo: Karen Bleier (Getty) The South is.

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