New Lawsuit Calls Louisiana’s Pipeline Protest Law ‘Unconstitutional’

These laws began appearing after the Standing Rock protests in North Dakota in 2016.Photo: AP.

Researchers May Have Solved Darwin’s Paradox of How Reefs Are So Productive

Cryptobenthic fish may sound weird, but they’re not so different from you and me. They’re.

The First Tribal Climate Emergency Declaration Is Here—and It Won’t Be the Last

In Old Crow, Yukon, the Gwichin rely on caribou for food and sustenance.Photo: G MacRae.

California Plans Blackouts to Fight Wildfires, and Solar Power Is Looking Better Than Ever

Photo: Mario Tama (Getty) It’s wildfire season again here in California. One of the fundamental.

Kids Strike Around the World to Raise the Alarm on Climate Change

Look at this cute British baby. Tell em!Photo: AP More than a million young people.

The 2019 Hurricane Season Shouldn’t Be That Bad (Hopefully, Maybe)

Residents in Florida are still rebuilding from Hurricane Michael’s wrath last year.Photo: AP Y’all better.

Tornado Kills 3 on Eighth Anniversary of America’s Deadliest Twister

No thank you.Photo: AP Eight years ago, the deadliest tornado in U.S. history wreaked havoc.

Segregation Has Left a Legacy of Asthma and Pollution in California Cities

Lots of elements factor into whether a community suffers higher rates of asthma. There’s air.

Trash-Burning Power Plants Wind Up in Our Most Marginalized Communities, Report Finds

The Harrisburg incinerator in PennsylvaniaPhoto: AP Burning trash is still very much a thing. Incinerators.

Atlantic Hurricane Season Could Be Getting a Head Start This Week

Atlantic hurricane season officially starts on June 1, but the ocean and atmosphere are paying.

The Southern Plains Is at High Risk of ‘Violent’ Tornadoes on Monday

Damage from April tornadoes in the Southeast. Photo: AP The South saw a few dozen.

State Rejects NYC’s Big New Pipeline Project—For Now

NYC, baby.Photo: Getty On Wednesday night, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC).

A Real Bird Watcher Watches Netflix’s Animated Tuca & Bertie

A mixed flock.Image: Netflix/Pavrabec/Diego Delso/Mdf/Fernando de Sousa/Louis Agassiz Fuertes/Dick Daniels/Martin Backert I can’t think of.

A Huge Swath of the U.S. Could See Tornadoes Over the Next Five Days

Photo: Getty A dangerous weather setup is shaping up over the Midwest this weekend. Powerful.

Scientist Composes Game of Thrones-Worthy Song From Climate Change Data

Screenshot: YouTube Have you ever wondered what human-caused climate change sounds like? What melodic rhythms.

A Quarter of West Antarctica’s Ice Is Now Unstable, Study Finds

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before but the ice is screwed. New findings.

Winter Is Coming Back to California With a Series of Wild Storms

A man uses a paddle board to make his way through flooded streets in Sebastopol,.

It Was 84 Degrees in Northern Russia This Weekend

Photo: AP Scattered clouds gave the sunlight a dreamy quality. Still, it got caught in.

Giant Pile of Toxic Coal Ash Is Being Moved From Puerto Rico to Florida, Sparking Outcry

Not the Puerto Rican coal ash mountain, but this is what coal ash looks like.Photo:.

Wildfires Smoke Is Enveloping Mexico City and Could Reach the U.S. This Week

Photo: AP It doesn’t matter if you live on Earth or Westeros, it’s all going.

Thanks to Fox News, Republicans Now Hate the Green New Deal

Photo: AP For a brief, shining moment, Americans were largely united in their support of.

Google Wants to Use AI to Track Pollution from Every Power Plant on Earth

Not a satellite, but that is the International Space Station.Photo: Getty Satellites are our eyes.

The Most Toxic Place You Could Go This Weekend Might Be a Nail Salon

Photo: Getty I’m somewhat obsessed with painting my nails. About every two weeks or so,.

New Exhibit Asks Us to Radically Rethink How We Live With Nature

It was a bad week if you’re the type of person who enjoys a habitable.

Teaching Girls About Climate Change Can Help Their Parents Care Too, Study Finds

Photo: Getty Kids are out here trying to change the world. Over the last year,.

Why Flight Attendants Should Lead the Fight Against Climate Change

Photo: Getty In recent months, the Green New Deal has rocketed climate change square into.

Most National Parks Have ‘Significant Air Pollution Problems,’ New Report Finds

The Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado is among the most polluted.Photo: Getty With summertime.

Scientists Say They’ve Cooked Up an Endlessly Recyclable Plastic

Behold, the regular evil plastic we all know too well.Photo: Getty Plastics aren’t recycled nearly.

Scientist Dream of a Future Where Your AC Unit Sucks Carbon Out of the Sky

Air conditioners rule the world.Photo: Getty Air conditioners require lots of energy to run, meaning.

How Students Convinced Beto O’Rourke to Stop Taking Fossil Fuel Money

Photo: Getty The transformation of Beto O’Rourke into a legit climate change candidate took another.

New Board Game Challenges Players to Design a Perfect Planet

This is how you prepare to PLAY.Photo: Blue Orange Games A new award-winning board game.

Presidential Candidate Jay Inslee Proposes Shutting Down America’s Coal Industry in a Decade

Photo: Getty Jay Inslee, the first presidential candidate running on climate change, has a plan.