The Last of the Arctic’s Old Sea Ice Is on the Verge of Vanishing

Photo: Getty Pour one out for old Arctic sea ice, because it’s basically a goner..

The House Just Passed Its First Climate Change Bill in a Decade, and That’s Not Even the Sad Part

Here is the moment Democrats introduced the Climate Action Now Act in March 2019.Photo: AP.

Powerful Cyclone Bears Down on India, Forcing Millions to Evacuate

Cyclone Fani is bearing down on India and has forced the largest evacuation in the.

In World First, UK Declares Climate Change Emergency

Photo: Getty The House of Commons voted to declare a climate change emergency in the.

Downtown Davenport, Iowa Floods After Temporary Levees Fail

Flooding in Davenport, Iowa on April 30, 2019.Screenshot: (QC Drone) Downtown Davenport, Iowa flooded.

Beto O’Rourke’s First Policy Proposal Is a $5 Trillion Plan to Tackle Climate Change

Photo: AP If you want further proof the 2020 presidential election will be the first.

We Have to Do Something About Outdoor Cats

MeowIllustration: Chelsea Beck/GMG I hate outdoor cats with a burning passion. I set out to.

This Electronic Group Made an Album Entirely With Plastic and It’s Not Total Garbage

Photo: AP The plastic pollution crisis of our own making may seem like an odd.

Is ‘Sustainable’ Seafood Actually Good for the Planet?

Do you know where your seafood is coming from?Photo: AP BOULDER—It was the weekend of.

The Ocean’s Biggest Waves Seem to Be Getting Even Bigger

Photo: Getty Our world is getting wavier—and not in a good way. New findings published.

Scientists Think They’ve Solved the Mystery of a Giant Hole in Antarctica’s Sea Ice

This visualization shows Antarctic sea ice (transparent white) rimming the continent (solid white) in the.

These Reindeer May Be Getting Hooked on Seaweed Thanks to Climate Change

Seaweed lover!!Photo: Brage B. Hansen (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) The Norwegian archipelago of.

The UK Has Seen a Record Number of Fires This Year, and It’s Only April

Fires burning the British countryside in February.Photo: Getty It’s never too early to start setting.

Still Reeling From Idai, Mozambique Faces Another Powerful Cyclone This Week

Cyclone Kenneth north of Madagascar. GIF: CIMSS Mozambique is still reeling from Cyclone Idai, which.

Vietnam Just Had Its Hottest Day Ever Recorded—and the Season’s Still Heating Up

The misery index in Southeast Asia on Saturday when Vietnam set an all-time temperature record.GIF:.

Greenland Is Now Losing Ice Six Times Faster Than It Was in 1980

We live in an era of accelerating climate change, and the Greenland ice sheet is.

What Do Great White Sharks Fear? Murderous Orcas

Terror incarnate: an orca’s dorsal fin.Photo: James H (Flickr) If movies were scientifically accurate, here’s.

Fat Endangered Parrots Finally Boning

It’s been the summer of love for kakapo parrots in New Zealand. Some of the.

New NASA Mission Will Measure the Mysterious Glow of Earth’s Plants

Honeysuckles experiencing ultraviolet-induced fluorescence.Photo: Craig Burrows Packed alongside supplies and equipment bound for the International.

Striking Photos Capture the Unnatural Transformation of the Amazon Rainforest

There was this moment last year when I was sitting in the quietest place in.

NYC Just Passed a World-First Law to Tackle Its Biggest Source of Climate Pollution

Photo: Getty “Decarbonize the buildings” may be among the least sexy phrases ever written. But.

A Fight Is Brewing Over New York City’s Big New Pipeline Project

A gas pipeline may soon run beneath New York harbor.Photo: AP More than five years.

Microsoft Pats Itself on Back For Some Pretty Weak Climate Pledges

Photo: AP On Tuesday, Microsoft announced some major updates to its sustainability commitments. The company.

Momentum Builds for Green New Deal Plans as Maine’s Bill Gets a Powerful Endorsement

Photo: AP State-level Green New Deal legislation continues to break new ground. Last week, it.

There’s Microplastic Blowing in the Wind, Study Suggests

A view of the marvelous Pyrenees Mountains.Photo: Getty Some peaks throughout the Pyrénées Mountains of.

Annual Competition to Guess When Alaskan River Will Thaw Ends on Earliest Date Since 1917

The Nenana Ice Classic Tripod, seen here in 2008, when the prize was $303,895 and.

6,000 Amazon Employees Sign Climate Change Letter

Photo: David Ryder (Getty) On Monday, a group of Amazon employees began circulating an open.

Washington State Commits to Running Entirely on Clean Energy by 2045

Photo: AP If you’re depressed by the climate politics of Washington, D.C., may I suggest.

American Museum of Natural History Event Honoring Brazil’s Rainforest-Hating President Sparks Uproar

Photo: AP A museum dedicated to conserving nature and Brazil’s far right wing president intent.

Turns Out, California’s Famous Winter Fog Was Mostly Thanks to Air Pollution

The fog was responsible for the death of three people back in December 2001 in.

How a Single Sentence in a Colorado Bill Could Pump the Brakes on the Fracking Boom

Photo: Getty Boulder County Commissioner Elise Jones is no stranger to conflict with the Colorado.

Tribal Nation Still Reeling From Last Month’s Bomb Cyclone Faces More Extreme Weather

This is how flooding in March 2019 left one person’s property on the Pine Ridge.