London’s New ‘Ultra-Low Emissions Zone’ Will Banish Old, Polluting Cars

These signs let drivers know they’re entering the new ultra-low emissions zone.Photo: Getty Apparently, London.

Singapore Officials Set Horrifying Record, Busting 14-Ton Shipment of Smuggled Pangolin Scales

Two pangolins at a zoo in Bali, Indonesia, in 2014.Photo: Firdia Lisnawati (AP) Authorities in.

Flooded Parts of the Midwest Could Be Hit With Major Snow This Week

I’m sorry.GIF: Earth Wind Map I regret to inform you that winter is not, in.

Rhino Poacher in South Africa Reportedly Killed By Elephant, Then Eaten By Lions

Rhinos grazing on the edge of Kruger National Park, 2016.Photo: Denis Farrell (AP) A man.

Meet the Man Keeping the Last Two Northern White Rhinos on Earth Alive

DERBY, ENGLAND—James Mwenda has a front row seat to the spectacle that is the human-driven.

Corn Pollution Kills Thousands of Americans a Year, Study Finds

Photo: AP Midwestern states better buckle up because a new bad guy’s in town. I’m.

Yankees Suck Slightly Less After Joining the Paris Climate Agreement

See all those lights? They require energy to power.Photo: Getty When it comes to the.

The US Hasn’t Been This Wet in Years

Photo: AP The U.S. drought map hasn’t looked this boring in a while. According to.

Watch Five Cheetahs Take Down a Wildebeest in a Heart-Pounding Exclusive Clip From Our Planet

The premise of Our Planet, Netflix’s new nature documentary, is to include humans in the.

Climate Change Is Coming for Your Tuna

Photo: Getty Climate change seems to threaten everything we hold dear, from coffee to beer .

Dick-Shaped, Wood-Munching Clams Are More Diverse Than We Thought, Study Finds

Spiniapex, a newly-described wood-boring clam, removed from its boreholePhoto: Angelo Bernardino and Paulo Sumida Wood-boring.

Trump’s ‘Unprecedented’ Plan to Restart the Keystone XL Pipeline May Be Illegal

This fucking guy.Photo: Getty President Donald Trump ratcheted up the drama over the Keystone XL.

America’s Government Scientists Are Eyeing a Future in Politics

EPA Headquarters in Washington, D.C.Photo: Getty PHILADELPHIA—As the Trump administration continues to attack science, scientists.

Judge Rules Trump Plans to Open Up Swathes of Arctic, Atlantic Oceans for Drilling Illegal

Royal Dutch Shell PLC icebreaker Fennica, a vessel designated to conduct exploration and spill-response duties.

The Best Deals on the Web For March 30, 2019

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The 10 Best Deals of March 29, 2019

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UK Labour Party Declares National Climate Emergency in Likely Political First

Photo: Getty UK politics is more than a seemingly endless Brexit slog. On Thursday, for.

Monsanto Loses Roundup Cancer Trial to the Tune of $80 Million

Roundup on sale in San Francisco on Feb. 25, 2019.Photo: Haven Daley (AP) A federal.

Technology and Climate Change Are Transforming The Iditarod

Musher Mishi Konno runs along the trail at the start of the Iditarod on March.

Flash Floods Kill Over a Dozen, Cause Horrific Destruction During Iranian New Year Celebrations

Floodwaters completely wrecked these vehicles Monday, March 26, 2019, in Shiraz, Iran.Photo: AP The grim.

Southern African Countries Face Disease Outbreaks, Mental Health Crisis in Wake of Cyclone Idai

A young boy walks past a flooded home in Inchope, Mozambique, March 25, 2019.Photo: AP.

Two Powerful Tropical Cyclones Are Set to Strike Australian Coasts Simultaneously in First Since 2015

In a satellite image acquired from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, Cyclone Trevor moves over.

1,000 Locals Reportedly Seek Treatment After Multi-Day Fire at Houston Chemical Facility

A massive petrochemical fire at Intercontinental Terminals Co. in Deer Park, Houston on March 18.Photo:.

The Republicans’ Upcoming ‘Green Real Deal’ Sounds Like Green Real Bullshit

Green Real Deal author Representative Matt Gaetz.Photo: AP To date, Republicans’ best defense against the.

FEMA Breach Exposes Personal Data and Banking Information of 2.3 Million Disaster Survivors

In this Sunday, Aug. 27, 2017 file photo, a group of people push a stalled.

This Week’s Giant Toxic Gas Cloud Over Houston Was a Symptom of a Much Bigger Problem

Yup, this happened. Photo: AP Since Monday, Corey Williams has installed several air quality monitors.

LA’s Mountain Lions May Face Extinction—But There’s a Way to Save Them

Cougars have called California home long before humans have. In Los Angeles, however, urbanization and.

New Climate Change Visualization Presents Two Stark Choices For Our Future

Last year, a visualization that turned data on our planet’s temperature into a gradient of.

Cyclone Idai Poised to Become Southern Hemisphere’s Deadliest Tropical Storm, With More Than 1,000 Feared Dead

This family lost a relative to Cyclone Idai. Here they stand next to the grave.

World’s Smallest Porpoise Down to About 10 Individuals Thanks to Illegal Fishing, Alarming Report Says

Let’s save these guys, please?Photo: AP In a tiny 15-by-7.5-mile section of Mexico’s Sea of.

Indian Scientists Measure 1.3-Billion-Volt Thunderstorm, the Strongest on Record

A thunderhead (not the one measured in this study) seen from the International Space Station.

Massive Flooding Follows in Bomb Cyclone’s Wake, With Nebraska Floods Possibly Worst in 50 Years

A pickup truck swept aside by flood waters in Norfolk, Nebraska on March 15, 2019Photo:.