Trump Administration Boldly Finalizes Plan to Ruin Some of America’s Most Pristine Wilderness

Mighty fine place to stick an oil well or two. Photo: Getty A little more.

Billionaire Behind Dakota Access Pipeline Is ‘Scared to Death’ of a Fracking Ban

Photo: Getty Folks, we’ve got a real dilemma on our hands, and that dilemma is.

Mainstream Environmental Groups Are Finally Becoming More Diverse

Photo: Getty A new report shows that environmental organizations are improving diversity among staff, but.

Trump DOE Withholding Almost $1 Billion for Renewable Energy

Photo: Getty The Trump administration’s Department of Energy (DOE) is holding onto nearly $1 billion.

Beneath the Arctic’s Sea Ice, Robots Are Illuminating a Mysterious World

Extreme Field WorkExtreme Field WorkA series about how science gets done in Earth’s weirdest, wildest.

Trump’s Vow to Help Plant a Trillion Trees Is Worse Than Stupid

The noted conservationist at his 2020 State of the Union addressPhoto: Getty Ever since visiting.

California Is on the Brink of an Owl War

A spotted owl catches a mouse.Photo: NPS/Emily Brouwer High in the Sierra Nevada, a spotted.

Now Is the Perfect Time to Start Letting People Work From Home

Traffic, traffic, looking for my ChapStick.Photo: Getty While working from home is a luxury for.

Climate Change Is Making It Harder for Polar Bears to Raise Babies

Photo: Getty Polar bears are basically mascots of the environmental movement owing to the risks.

A Second Butterfly Defender Has Been Found Dead in Mexico

Monarchs at El Rosario SanctuaryImage: AP Two butterfly activists have been found dead in Mexico.