How China Helps Drive Deforestation in Brazil and Indonesia

This has been a watershed year for tropical forests—and not in a good way. Massive.

Climate Talks Canceled in Chile, Crystalizing Crisis We Face

On Wednesday, Chile announced it would no longer host an international climate conference despite it.

What It’s Like to Work in a Flying Smoke Laboratory

Most scientists’ labs don’t fly. Most scientists’ labs are also not packed in the interior.

Switching to Renewables May Spur Trillions In Societal Benefits

The costs of installing renewable energy are far outweighed by the health benefits they would.

Satellites Track the World’s Longest Lightning Bolt

Using satellites and ground stations, scientists have documented an epic lightning flash from 2017 that.

This Is The First Gas Station To Convert To An EV-Charging Station In America

Part of what makes electric car ownership difficult is the lack of available charging infrastructure.

South Africa Rations Water, Tries to Avoid Another ‘Day Zero’

This is what drought in Cape Town looked like last year.Photo: AP South African residents.

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Cyclone Kyarr Is Breaking All Sorts of Records in Indian Ocean

The northern hemisphere’s quietest tropical cyclone basin is currently going off. Cyclone Kyarr formed on.

Thousands Have Fled As Wildfires Explode Across California

California’s wildfire season arrived with a fierceness earlier this month and conditions have once again.