Biden Says No Scientists Back Sanders’ Climate Plan. He’s Wrong

Photo: Getty The Iowa caucuses are just over a week away, and Bernie Sanders and.

Major Locust Swarm Is an ‘Unprecedented Threat’ to East Africa

Swarms of locusts fly above crops in Katitika village, Kenya, on January 24, 2020.Image: AP.

The EPA Union Is Fighting Trump for a First-Ever Bill of Rights

Illustration: Chelsea Beck (G/O Media) For employees who’ve spent decades working for the Environmental Protection.

Carbon Dioxide Set to Rise to Historic Levels in 2020

Photo: Getty Carbon dioxide. We should stop emitting it. Scientists say it. The United Nations.

The Trump Administration Just Gutted Clean Water Protections

Photo: AP The Trump administration’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Army Corps of Engineers just.

At Davos Steve Mnuchin Attacks Greta Thunberg on Climate Change

  Photo: Getty Davos season is a beautiful time of year when rich, powerful people.

Doomsday Clock Shows Chaos Is Now Just 100 Seconds Away

Photo: Getty We are 100 seconds to midnight, which means doomsday has never been closer..

Carbon Dioxide Reached a New High in Humanity’s Existence

Photo: Getty We’re not even through the first month of 2020, and we already broke.

The Real Reason Coke Won’t Ditch Single-Use Plastic

Photo: Getty Public concern about the climate and plastic crises is surging, and more and.

It’s So Cold in Florida, Iguanas Are Falling From the Sky

This morning, a fallen soldier.Photo: Eric Blake (Twitter) It’s cold in Florida, so you know.