Twitter suspends account that shared video of teens and Native American elder

Twitter has taken action against an account that shared a video of teenagers wearing “Make.

WhatsApp limits message forwarding to fight fake news

 WhatsApp is putting a global limit of five on the number of times a message.

Facebook launches online petitions, GoFundMe fundraises for US government employees – Video

Tech Today January 21, 2019 Tech IndustryFacebookMicrosoft Source link

Netflix price hike, Google acquires Fossil IP – Video

Tech Today January 19, 2019 Tech IndustryGoogleMotorolaNetflixWatchOS Source link

9 great reads from CNET this week

So much for easing into the new year. This week we learned of a massive public.

Apps for meeting people – Video

[MUSIC] Let’s face it it’s hard to make new friends as an adult between work.

773 million email addresses get leaked, Google purchases parts of a watchmaker – Video

Tech Today January 18, 2019 Tech IndustryHackingTim CookGoogleApple Source link

FTC vs. Qualcomm: Why you should care – Video

CNET News Video January 17, 2019 Tech IndustryQualcommAppleFTC Source link

Foldables, 5G and the future of the iPhone in 2019 – Video

The Apple Core January 17, 2019 Tech IndustryLGSamsungApple Source link

Jeff Bezos’ favorite things get their own Vegas conference

Bezos speaking at the 32nd Space Symposium in 2016. Bloomberg via Getty Images If you’ve.

A Motorola Razr comeback? Windows 10 detaching Cortana – Video

Tech Today January 17, 2019 Tech IndustryGoogleMicrosoftMotorolaWindows 10 Source link

Take a ride on North America’s most high-tech ski lift – Video

Special Features January 17, 2019 Tech Industry Source link

Microsoft pledges $500M to build homes in Seattle

The Visitor’s Center at Microsoft Headquarters campus in Redmond, Washington. Stephen Brashear/Getty Images Microsoft is.

Facebook is still a dog’s best friend

Thanks to Facebook, today Clara Grace has a home. She’s healthy and (I hope) happy..

Apple replaced 11 million batteries, Netflix hiking prices – Video

Tech Today January 16, 2019 Tech IndustryHackingNetflixApple Source link

Google workers urge tech giants to drop forced arbitration

Google headquarters in Mountain View, California Stephen Shankland/CNET When Google workers walked out of their.

CES 2019: The 4 biggest trends, demystified

After all the CES product blitzes are done, the multimillion dollar booths are packed up.

CES 2019: UK steps onto the global tech stage ahead of Brexit

CES 2019 marks the year the Brits finally stepped up their game at the Las.

CES 2019: Baby poop sensor, Apple opens up AirPlay (Stream Economy) – Video

CES 2019 January 10, 2019 Tech IndustryApple Source link

Elon Musk announces SpaceX layoffs, government shutdown hits website security – Video

Tech Today January 14, 2019 Tech IndustrySecurityElon MuskHackingSpaceX Source link

9 great reads from CNET this week

Welcome to the CES edition of the CNET weekly roundup! The annual consumer-electronics extravaganza was.

Microsoft’s Bing search engine served up child porn, report says

Getty Images Microsoft’s Bing search engine surfaced child pornography and suggested additional search terms for.

How to sell your old tech – Video

Tech Minute January 11, 2019 Tech IndustryAmazonApple Source link

The weirdest stuff we saw at CES 2019 – Video

CES 2019 January 10, 2019 Tech Industry Source link

Amazon’s gaming service, Google’s massive CES presence – Video

CES 2019 January 11, 2019 Tech IndustryAMDGoogle Assistant5GCES Products Source link

Who won CES 2019: Amazon or Google?

Google and Amazon duked it out at CES. James Martin/CNET This week at CES, the.

Google sued by shareholder alleging sexual misconduct cover-up

Google’s board of directors and executive leadership have been accused of covering up allegations of.

CES 2019: Babeyes is a wearable video camera for your baby – Video

CES 2019 January 10, 2019 Tech IndustryCES Products Source link

Google’s everywhere at CES 2019

Google went all-in at CES. Ben Fox Rubin/CNET You couldn’t go very far without seeing.

The toughest iPhone XR case at CES 2019 – Video

CES 2019 Live January 9, 2019 Tech IndustryCaptain America Source link

Penn Jillette talks weight loss, CES and VR – Video

CES 2019 January 9, 2019 Tech Industry Source link

CES 2019 Overview video

The CES convention in Las Vegas is a chance to see the tech that might.