Who won CES 2019: Amazon or Google?

Google and Amazon duked it out at CES. James Martin/CNET This week at CES, the.

Google sued by shareholder alleging sexual misconduct cover-up

Google’s board of directors and executive leadership have been accused of covering up allegations of.

CES 2019: Babeyes is a wearable video camera for your baby – Video

CES 2019 January 10, 2019 Tech IndustryCES Products Source link Tweet

Google’s everywhere at CES 2019

Google went all-in at CES. Ben Fox Rubin/CNET You couldn’t go very far without seeing.

The toughest iPhone XR case at CES 2019 – Video

CES 2019 Live January 9, 2019 Tech IndustryCaptain America Source link Tweet

Penn Jillette talks weight loss, CES and VR – Video

CES 2019 January 9, 2019 Tech Industry Source link Tweet

CES 2019 Overview video

The CES convention in Las Vegas is a chance to see the tech that might.

What it’s like on Google’s Assistant-themed ride at CES 2019

Google set up an Assistant-themed ride at CES. James Martin/CNET Google brought its own version.

HTC’s new Vive line-up, Samsung back into gaming laptops – Video

CES 2019 January 8, 2019 Tech IndustryCES ProductsVirtual RealityAirPlayHTC Source link Tweet

At CES 2019, LG envisions a future in which AI makes your life much easier

LG president and CTO I.P. Park gets some help with his keynote from the LG.

Nvidia CEO demos next-generation computer graphics at CES 2019 – Video

CES 2019 January 7, 2019 Tech IndustryCES ProductsNvidia Source link Tweet

Codi the robot will try to convince your kid that cleaning is fun at CES 2019 – Video

CES 2019 January 6, 2019 Tech IndustryCES ProductsRobots Source link Tweet

CES 2019: Watch LG’s keynote live, Monday, 6:30 p.m. PT

Ahead of the CES 2019 show floor opening on Tuesday, LG’s president and CTO, I.P. Park,.

9 great reads from CNET this week

Happy New Year! If the beginning of the year is any indication, 2019 is going.

Windows 10 now leads marketshare, Apple issues rare warning – Video

Tech Today January 5, 2019 Tech IndustryRokuAppleWindows 10Windows 7 Source link Tweet

Cuomo reportedly asked Elon Musk’s Tesla to help fix NYC’s subway system

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo reportedly asked Tesla to help modernize the MTA’s signal system..

Amazon Showroom lets you customize furniture in a virtual living room

Design a living room with Amazon’s collection of furniture. Screenshot by Gordon Gottsegen/CNET Amazon sells.

Keep your data secure with a password manager – Video

Tech Minute January 4, 2019 Tech Industry Source link Tweet

Senate confirms Trump’s science adviser after two-year vacancy

Kelvin Droegemeier, vice president of research and professor of meteorology at the University of Oklahoma..

Roku goes mobile, Google’s Project Soli gets approval – Video

Tech Today January 3, 2019 Tech IndustryGoogleMicrosoftRokuWindows 10 Source link Tweet

Chief of Chinese search giant Baidu warns that ‘Winter is coming’

BEIJING, CHINA – NOVEMBER 01: Robin Li, Chairman and CEO of Baidu, shows Baidu’s latest.

Judge dismisses lawsuits against Facebook, Google, Twitter over San Bernardino shooting

Social media apps.  iStockphoto/bigtunaonline A federal judge has dismissed lawsuits that alleged Facebook, Google and.

Previewing Google’s 2019 – Video

Welcome to Alphabet City, the show that normally covers everything related to Alphabet Inc. That.

Google is primed to go big at CES again

Google had a massive booth at CES last year. Sarah Tew/CNET Last year at CES,.

Tech trends we want to see in 2019 – Video

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FCC may be forced to suspend most operations this week

The FCC, headed by Ajit Pai, may shut down most of its operations this week..

Before the Concorde, there was ‘the Concordski’

The Tu-144 with its canards extended makes a low pass over the 1973 Paris Air.

Use tech to achieve your New Year’s resolutions – Video

Tech Today December 31, 2018 Tech Industry Source link Tweet

A look inside the Taipei 101 New Year’s Eve fireworks show as it goes green – TechCrunch

One of the tallest buildings in the world, Taipei 101’s New Year’s Eve fireworks have.

Test your tech knowledge in TechCrunch’s 2018 Year In Tech Quiz – TechCrunch

Think you know tech? Square off against TechCrunch editors with 2018’s year in tech quiz..

9 great reads from CNET this week

The end of the year is near, even if the news cycle doesn’t seem to.

Biggest tech moments of 2018 – Video

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