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Reid Hoffman apologizes for unknowingly backing Alabama disinformation campaign

Reid Hoffman speaks at Wired25 Festival in October.  Phillip Faraone LinkedIn founder and Silicon Valley.

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Alphabet City: The unaired pilot – Video

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This man spent $5,000 of his own money to put Zimbabwe on Street View

Zimbabwe is too far for many people to visit, but 37-year-old Tawanda Kanhema grew up.

Elon Musk’s 2018 highs and lows – Video

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Google workers found voice in protest this year. There’ll likely be more of that

More than 20,000 Google workers walked out of offices worldwide last month. James Martin/CNET Last.

CES 2019: The schedule so far

CES 2019, the annual consumer electronics show in Las Vegas, has a show floor that.

9 great reads from CNET this week

Another week up, another week down. Facebook reportedly let tech giants have a lot more.

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Mars, space soldiers and NASA’s big party: The biggest space stories of 2018 – Video

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Bent iPad Pros, Microsoft patches Internet Explorer – Video

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FCC slaps satellite startup with $900K fine over unauthorized satellite launch

A Swarm demonstration of how its satellite system works.  Swarm Technologies A startup that launched.

Spotify reportedly ends $1.6 billion copyright lawsuit with Wixen

Spotify logo.  Spotify Wixen and Spotify have reportedly settled a $1.6 billion lawsuit over copyright infringement. The.

Taking a ride with Elon Musk inside Boring Company’s tunnel – Video

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Facebook gave special data access to select brands, NBC might launch an OTT service – Video

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Apple’s year in review: The best and worst of 2018 – Video

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Facebook, Google to pay up over political ad rules in Washington state

Google and Facebook will have to pay up to settle campaign finance lawsuits in the.

AT&T rolls out 5G, Smash is fastest-selling Switch game – Video

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Foldable Galaxy could be really pricey – Video

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Facebook shares progress on civil rights audit: ‘We need to do more’

Facebook Facebook has released a progress report on its civil rights audit, which shows it’s.

Google’s China search project gets stung by confrontation over data

Google CEO Sundar Pichai said last week the company has “no plans” to launch a.

Apple sued over iPhone screen sizes, HQ Trivia founder dies – Video

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Senate report said to show extent of Russian interference in 2016 US election

An analysis prepared for the Senate highlights the scale of Russia’s disinformation campaign during the.

Delivery robot catches fire on UC Berkeley campus

A KiwiBot robot in action on the UC Berkelet campus. KiwiBot One of the robots.

Facebook bug affects millions, year’s worst passwords cause an eye roll – Video

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