Police: Violence erupts as Pakistani lawyers storm hospital

Hundreds of Pakistani lawyers, angered over alleged misbehavior by some doctors toward one of their.

Egypt urges decisive action against states backing ‘terror’

Egypt’s president has called for “decisive” and “collective” action against countries supporting “terrorism By BY.

Saudi Aramco starts trading, gaining 10% and reaching $1.8T

Saudi Arabia’s oil company Aramco began trading for the first time on Wednesday, gaining 10%.

Spain: Residents told to stay indoors as fire engulfs plant

Emergency services in Spain have advised residents of a northeastern town to stay indoors as.

Rescuers describe horror of New Zealand’s silent eruption

The eruption was so silent that Lillani Hopkins didn’t hear it over the hum of.

Ex-Mexico security chief long haunted by corruption claims

Mexico’s former security chief was dogged by so many allegations of corruption and wrongdoing for.

New Zealand volcano vents steam, stymies recovery of bodies

A New Zealand island volcano is venting more steam and mud after a deadly eruption.

Afghanistan’s Karzai tells AP that US cash fed corruption

Afghanistan’s former president says Washington helped fuel corruption in his country by spending hundreds of.

Photo of sick boy on floor roils British election campaign

A photo of a sick boy sleeping on a hospital floor because no beds were.

Bloomberg tells UN climate talks: You can count on the US

New York billionaire and presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg led a high-powered charge against President Donald.