Handke takes Nobel Literature Prize amid protest

Austrian Author Peter Handke has received his Nobel Literature Prize amid criticism in Sweden and.

Brazil’s Bolsonaro calls activist Greta Thunberg a “brat”

Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro  has called young Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg a “brat” after.

Ancient underground Roman basilica gets a face-lift

An ancient underground basilica that only came to light a century ago has gotten a.

Spanish judge sends man to prison over gang rape website

A Spanish judge has sentenced a man to 18 months in prison for creating a.

China’s electric car sales slump, squeezing automakers

Looking for a new car, Yang Zhibo considered an electric but balked at prices that.

Japanese regulators recommend $22 million fine on Nissan

Japanese securities regulators are recommending that automaker Nissan be fined 2.4 billion yen ($22 million).

India’s crackdown hits religious freedom in disputed Kashmir

For years Romi Jan’s mornings would begin with the plaintive call to prayer that rang.

Chile military plane with 38 is missing on way to Antarctica

Chile’s air force says it lost radio contact with a transport plane carrying 38 people.

Up to 13 feared dead in volcanic eruption off New Zealand

Unstable conditions hampered rescue workers Tuesday from searching for at least eight people missing and.

Intl journalist group: fewer media staff killed this year

Deaths among journalists killed in the line of duty are lower this year, but a.